Iranian boat people looking for “a better life” find Australia “unfair”

Australia is unfair, Iranian asylum shoppers say

“It’s really not fair (that Australia changed the law) because we were on a boat [for three days]. We both are educated and we are just escaping from our country to make a better life,” he said.

The couple said they cannot go back to Iran and they do not know what they will do when they are sent to Nauru or Manus Island.  The man said he suffers from epilepsy exacerbated by stress in detention.

Of course the ABC  is not concerned about the stress these illegal Muslim entrants are putting on the Australian taxpayers.

If you come by boat

 Western Australia Passes Law Against Burqa


  • Parliament passes Bill to help police identification processes
  • Face coverings required to be removed to enable identification

“This amendment stems from a New South Wales case where a woman wearing a burqa was not able to be identified as being a person who made a false report to police,” acting Police Minister John Day said. (Mullah)

4 thoughts on “Iranian boat people looking for “a better life” find Australia “unfair””

  1. SIOC,
    Firstly you cannot spell. Secondly you do not understand the technology of retinal scanning and the associated problems in implementation as a tool to identify indivuals (a tool that can be easily fooled as well), Thirdly, why is it that you pathetic muslim bastards always seek to impose your second rate culture onto others!!! You are the guests in our country !!!!

  2. kaw; Thanks for the correction; * “bigotry towards religion isn’t necessary”; Secondly you can’t spell… ” individuals”, Thirdly, my point included two biometrics not just retinal scanning, Fourthly, “selective” means selective; Fifthly the FBI, National Institute of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security have been pursuing another biometric option: iris recognition technology. (Ref: Sixthly, do you have some references for assertions against retinal scanning, or should we believe you just based on the fact your initials spell the song of a crow… 😀

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