“Jihad Misunderstood”

Jihad, the most misunderstood concept in the world!

Canadian Imam Jamal Badawi ‘Splains Jihad, an Oft “Misunderstood” Concept

2 lies stand out like dogs balls:

 Badawi said. “The Quran never glamorizes fighting. Never.”

“Jihad has nothing to do with holy war,” Badawi said. “It is a myth, no matter how widespread.”

Phew, I can’t tell you what a relief that is, imam.


Muslim mob goes on rampage, vandalizing 26 Hindu homes, forcing 150 Hindu families to flee on blasphemy rumors

Nothing to do with Islam, nothing whatsoever:


Islam, the most misunderstood religion of all time:

Pamela Geller Links:

Boot the savages!

Insults, Threats as Muslim MKs Disrupt Judaism’s Holiest Site the Temple Mount Session Debate

The height of civilisational suicide — Jews in the Jewish homeland in the Israel parliament abused and threatened by Islamic supremacists because Jews wish to pray at their most holy site.  Muslims demand that the Jewish holy site “is a place of prayer for Muslims alone,” and accusing Jewish worshippers of “contaminating” it by visiting it. This is Muslim outreach, tolerance and interfaith dialogue.

EDL’s only Muslim member fined for defending himself against Muslim mob at pro-freedom rally

‘The EDL always tell me to bring more Muslims along. I have never found them to be racist.

‘They say to me “if there was more Muslims like you there wouldn’t be a problem”‘

Abdul Rafiq was arrested by police at the demonstration in Bradford on October 12 after becoming involved in an argument with “Asian men”

Sharia in Action: UK System ‘failing’ girls at risk of clitoridectomy (FGM)

They aren’t “failing’ girls – they chose a side and it’s not freedom or indiviidual rights. The authorities are supporting Islam,  not the magna carta. This mirrors the British authorities failure  to save the hundreds of tween and teen non-Muslim girls who were exploited by Muslims sex gangs. Despite the fact that those vicitms went to law enforcement authorties – they were dismissed, ignored, laughed at. The authorites didn’t want to offend the savages who trafficking them for sex .

Western Libtard Media Spins China Jihad:

BEIJING, Nov 4 (Reuters) – China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday took a swipe at foreign media for suggesting there may have been social or ethnic motivations behind last week’s incident involving a car driven into pedestrians on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. — “China berates foreign media for Tiananmen attack doubts” By Reuters,

France: incidents of Islamophobia will be reported!

Funny, that: ‘citizen journalists’ who photograph or videotape Islamic riots or  Muslims bash the French commit a criminal offence; but Muselmaniacs who have a long record of manufactured ‘hate crimes’ are encouraged to make a big deal out of it:

The Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France (the Collective against Islamophobia in France) wants to smack down any resistance to the Islamic expansion project with a  new smartphone and tablet app. 

CAIR-Linked Hamas Official Calls for Revolt Against Israel

An Indication That John Kerry Is Delusional

More Jihad Misunderstanding

Pakistan: Islamic seminary gutted as explosives that seminary students were preparing go off prematurely

You’d almost think these Islamic schools actually had bomb-making classes:

  • July 2009: Bomb kills nine at imam’s house used as Islamic school in Pakistan
  • April 2007: 22 arrested for bombmaking in Islamic religious school raid in Afghanistan
  • July 2006: Jihadist killed by his own grenade at religious school in Afghanistan
  • September 2004: Nine prosecuted for bomb-making at Qur’an recital class in Indonesia

Even if they did, however, no one would care. What about those right-wing extremists?

“Injured go missing after explosion at Balochistan religious seminary,” by Shahzad Baloch for the Express Tribune, November 3 (thanks to JW)