Jordan’s Queen Rania Pretends Islam is Not Islam, Whines About “Terrorist Image”

Its like she never read the Koran.  (Its quite possible she didn’t….)

Times of Israel

Jordan’s queen lambastes Islamic extremism


Rania also highlights the importance of bridging the gap between the restrictive real word and the Internet for Arab youth

“For the millions of Muslims worldwide, Islam is a religion of humanitarian values and of the principles of goodness. We need to try to highlight this image of Islam.”

BS on stilts.

“A few months ago, for example, we saw a man who calls himself a Muslim killing an innocent man in Britain, grabbing his decapitated head, and saying: ‘This is for the nation.’ What nation?!

“We must renounce things like that. We must denounce this loudly, not cautiously. We should do so not in order to improve our image in the West, but because we owe this to our religion.”

Yes, Ranny. Not to improve the horrendous image, but to lie about it is your Islamic duty. 

That sucks.