Keysar Trad ordered to repay Alan Jones $10,000

“Muslim leader” ordered to repay Alan Jones $10,000 


Beats me why the ‘Guyra Argus’ calls catmeat sheik Hilali’s  “out of context”  spokesturd  Trad a “Muslim leader”. But the lame stream media is always wrong on everything, so lets not get worked up over this.

By Nick Ralston (thanks to Mullah pbuh)

Muslim community leader Keysar Trad has been ordered to repay Alan Jones $10,000 after the broadcaster was granted the right to appeal against a tribunal decision Mr Jones had incited hatred of Lebanese Muslims.

The NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal found in 2009 that Jones had “incited hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule of Lebanese Muslims” through comments made on air in April 2005.

The tribunal awarded $10,000 in damages to Mr Trad, ordered the talkback host make a public apology and directed Jones’ employer, Harbour Radio, to conduct a “critical review of its policies and practices on racial vilification” and staff training in such matters.

Jones has since launched two attempts to overturn that decision and on Wednesday the NSW Supreme Court ordered that his appeal be allowed.

The court set aside a decision made by the tribunal in October last year to dismiss an appeal and also ordered that Mr Trad repay the $10,000.

The decision means the eight-year court battle will continue into 2014.

Mr Trad complained to the tribunal over a number of statements made by Jones on 2GB in 2005.

The first related to comments on April 28 about a Nine Network story reportedly showing young men of Lebanese origin taunting police.

“If ever there was a clear example that Lebanese males in their vast numbers not only hate our country and our heritage, this was it,” Jones had said.

Making reference to “vermin” and “mongrels”, he said: “They simply rape, pillage and plunder a nation that’s taken them in.”

In 2009 the tribunal ruled that the comments were “reckless hyperbole calculated to agitate and excite his audience”.

They also ruled that Jones interpreted a speech made by Lebanese-Australian cleric Sheik Faiz Mohammed in Bankstown as an excuse for sexual assaults by Muslim men on non-Muslim women.

Jones accused Mr Trad, as a Muslim leader, of doing nothing to stop car hoons or speeches such as those made by Sheik Faiz Mohammed.

3 thoughts on “Keysar Trad ordered to repay Alan Jones $10,000”

  1. Yipeee

    DESERVED JUSTICE for Alan Jones – AT LAST.

    May the “NSW Supreme Court” decision prevail for Alan Jones against that “Submitter to Islam” Keysar Trad. Another exposure to this “Submitter to Islam” appeared in the SBS Series “Dave in the Life” episode “Embedded with Sheik Hilaly (or let’s get MUSLIM!)”.

    I digress (but in context)
    Well did Dave W “get MUSLIM!” ????

    Has any one asked Dave W what it is like being (even if unintentionally) a convert to Islam.
    Ehhhh??? (you say) ….
    “As part of Dave’s experience, the Sheik insists that he observe all Muslim practices, which includes praying 5 times a day, attending mosque and no bacon!”
    This embedded experience went on for a few weeks

    Dave obviously agreed to these conditions – (SBS’s or Dave’s ‘Legals’ should have advised him that this is how one converts to Islam – even if not a conscious decision)
    So can Dave be unconverted by immersing him in pig fat for an equivalent period?

    I mention “Dave in the Life” partly out of curiosity for the answer to the question posed, and also to give an example of the trickery and skulduggery “Submitters to Islam” indulge in.

    Digression Completed – Back to the subject ….
    The “NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal” would have to be – (based on observed and documented FACTS) the biggest, stupidest, foolishest, group of “USELESS (to Australia) IDIOTS” ever to push the goals of Islam on Australians.

    The “NSW Supreme Court” should have directed the members of the “NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal” be IMMEDIATELY arrested and tried for treason/sedition.

    Then, when these “Assistors to Islam” (NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal) have completed their legally awarded periods of incarceration – DEPORT THEM so they can be met by all the other previously deported resident “Assistors to Islam” and “Submitters to Islam”.

    Do these “Assistors to Islam” consider what their lives will be like IF they and their MASTERS plans ever reach fruition?
    Deportation is the means to illuminate them as they appear to lack research, observational and reality skills.

    Some Link Quotes reiterated ….
    “If ever there was a clear example that Lebanese males in their vast numbers not only hate our country and our heritage, this was it,”
    Making reference to “vermin” and “mongrels”, he said: “They simply rape, pillage and plunder a nation that’s taken them in.”

  2. I hope Alan Jones wins….but I wish to address something else that is happening in Australia.

    Indonesia is trying to undermine P.M. Abbott. It may be that if Abbott is able to remove the Carbon Tax, then it is likely that they will lose funds which they would have received directly from this tax…

    (This is the same reason Obama is on the bandwagon of climate change…he wants the tax to go to “poor” Muslim countries.)

    The same with the halal tax…these “taxes” are being imposed by an Indonesian created and certified halal body. They are forcing businesses that deal with food to be halal and then focus on transport, to storage, to financial and investment companies to submit to this tax as well (food is a big business!)…hence a foreign tax imposed on Australians by Indonesia.

    It is really horrible that we have let it come to this in such a short time.

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