Krudd’s Contribution to Australia of Dubious Value

KRudd’s apology to the “stolen generations” – is of  dubious value.

Writes former Labor Minister Mark Latham.

(Latham is wrong. KRudd’s apology  is of no value whatsoever.)


 Like everything KRudd did, it marked the triumph of political symbolism over substance.

The “stolen generations” is a myth, and apologising for it entrenched a victim culture, preached a deceit, and stopped us from saving some Aboriginal children from rape, neglect, abuse and even death. (Andrew Bolt)

Holy Smoke!

Priests, doctors, teachers and lawyers are among 341 arrests world-wide – 65 of them in Australia – after the child-porn exchange and purchase ring was uncovered by Canadian police. HUNDREDS of children have been rescued – including six from Australia….

“Climate Justice For Endangered Species”


The Sydney Morning Herald disgracefully misleads its readers with this alarmist article by activist Rodne Galicha of the Climate Reality Project, overseen in the Philippines by the Australian Conservation Foundation:

Typhoon Haiyan speaks to us of climate inaction, injustice, apathy and irresponsibility… You see, for us this a crime – a climate crime – and we will be seeking climate justice.

With this catastrophic reality, human beings here in the Philippines have now become an endangered species.

Why is the Herald exaggerating this typhoon? (Andrew Bolt)

“People smugglers  claim victory.”

Army says don’t tell people smugglers our secrets. Greens and Labor say we must

The ABC, Australia’s Homo Marriage & Global Warming Channel

We need to get rid of the ABC:

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesturd Uthman Badar accuses the government’s counter-terrorism laws of “unfairly targeting the Muslim community”


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