Ready for another urine fartwa?

More “scientific” rubbish from the most backward, ignorant morons on the planet…

And they never miss an opportunity to prove it:

In other news:

 “Put a spoon in your knickers” saves  child brides  from forced marriages

 Freddie Aguilar (60) converts to Islam to marry child bride


Boston Bomber Tortured With Halal Grub

Yes, let him out of solitary to preach at the fort chapel.


This reminds us of the Fort Hood case. Military brass bowed to the religious “needs” of Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who praised Allah as he shot 14 soldiers, including a pregnant woman as she begged for her baby’s life.

They actually agreed to let Hasan wear a full Islamic beard to trial, in violation of military regulations. Only now is the convicted mass murderer being forcibly shaved, as he awaits the needle on death row at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

But he and his lawyers are suing the military, arguing it’s a breach of his religious freedom. You’d think the jihadist would be grateful for the free grooming before he meets his 72 virgins.

Meanwhile, down at Gitmo we helpfully point prostrate al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists to Mecca, fete them with Harry Potter movie nights, and even reorder fitness equipment made in Muslim countries after they complain about the infidels who made the first batch.

Enough! Stop running Islamic daycares for terrorists.


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