The Costs Of Third-World, Especially Muslim, Immigrants In Denmark

Mogens Camre:

The Costs Of Third-World, Especially Muslim, Immigrants In Denmark 

DenmarkAnd Mogens Camre does not even factor in the gigantic costs, to every Western society, for health care (including the much higher costs associated with Muslims who favor cousin-marriage, that is inbreeding, in aggressive and violent societies where man is a wolf to man and only relatives are to be trusted — and this in turn leads to a much higher incidence of congenital illnesses, a real burden on Western health system), nor for education (including language instruction, and attempting to keep Muslim students from objecting, as they so often do, to Western curricula, and prevent them from intimidating other, non-Muslim, students), and above all the security costs, of monitoring mosques and the general Muslim population, of investigating, arresting, trying, re-trying when appeals are made, paying for the police, the security guards that must be posted at every airport, train and bus terminal, and prominent government offices, paying for court-appointed lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and the prisons with which to hold the convicted Musilms (whose proportion of the prison population in Denmark, as elsewhere in Scandinavia, and indeed in Europe, is five or ten times what it should be according to their share of the population). The steady degradation in services, in public life, in the sense of physical security, the result in the main of these Muslim immigrants, is easily observable in every Western country, and the unseemly alliance of goody-goody-all-peoples-are-the-same-except-that-the-Western-peoples-do-not-deserve-to-preserve-and-maintain-their-own-culture-their-own-way-of-life, with greedy Westerners who hope to profit from being kind to Muslims (think of all those estate agents, lawyers, luxury-goods sellers, in London, and of course think of David Cameron, delighted to make London “the center of Islamic finance” instead of regarding with horrow what the presence — corrupt and corrupting — of rich Arabs has done to London, and to Great Britain, for so long, not least by delaying or preventing the recognition of the meaning, and menace, of Islam.



No wonder this pasty white dhimmi Mayor of London has been bending over so far for Muslims

He is one of them! I’m the first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’, Boris Johnson boasts as he pleads for Arab investment in the capital.


Here is Mogens Camre’s sober article: from Dispatch International, thanks to Hugh Fitzgerald

Danes have a choice between immigration and welfare

Danes have a choice between immigration and welfare

Posted by: Mogens Camre 18 September, 2013

Danes are beginning to realize that immigration is a threat to the welfare state. They have already experienced cutbacks that have hit unemployment benefits and care for the elderly particularly hard and they understand that the cuts are caused by the massively growing costs of social tourists and free riders pouring in from abroad.

Danes pay the highest taxes in the world, which in turn weaken the country’s ability to compete and drive many Danes into unemployment. At the same time, the growing stream of foreigners that contribute nothing to the economy necessitate even higher taxes and further reduce competitiveness.

A recent poll shows that 46 percent of the Danes have a ”very positive” or ”somewhat positive” view of the strict immigration policy proposed by the Danish People’s Party. 40 percent have a ”very negative” or ”somewhat negative” view.

It is particularly interesting that 19 percent of Social Democratic voters agree with the DPP’s policy on immigration. The same goes for every fifth voter for the far left Unity List.

This can only be interpreted s a sign that a majority of Danes are beginning to realize that immigration from non-Western countries – i.e., primarily from Muslim countries – is undermining Danish society.


There are two elements in this process: Firstly, far too many Muslim immigrants try their utmost to further the very culture that has ruined the countries from which they have fled. Daily mass murder involving competing groups in Muslim countries testifies to the backwardness of this culture and it is evident that a large part of the immigrants bring this culture of violence with them. Phenomena such as violence in our streets, immigrants’ insistence on being served halal meat and the building of mosques demonstrate that a great number of Muslims really intend to subjugate our country.

The second element is the economic burden imposed by immigration. Due to the European Union’s determined attempts to harmonize the social systems of the member states, Danes are forced to become the world’s social security office. We are forced to give equal treatment to everyone with a legal right to stay. The same access to every benefit, hospital treatment, education, rent support and pensions as is given to people who have worked in Denmark all their lives.

We have to pay unemployment benefits to people who have worked three months in Denmark and before that nine months in their country of origin. Child support is given to children in other countries if one parent has worked a short while in Denmark before becoming unemployed. SU – The Danish students’ Grants and Loans Scheme – can be enjoyed by children of guest workers, even if they study in another country. If non-Western immigrants should decide to return to their home country, they are given a quarter of a million kroner plus a airplane ticket – with the right to come back to Denmark if they regret their exodus.

Money is gushing from the public coffers and given to people who contribute nothing towards paying the bill and never will.

There are two groups of immigrants: 3.8 percent of the population are immigrants and descendants from Western countries – as a group they make a positive contribution to the economy. The other group is made up of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries. They constitute 7 percent of the total population [1] and are a massive drag on the economy. This group is growing fast. During the last three quarters by no less than 2.1 percent. [2]

The center-right government that was in power until October 2011 launched an investigation into the economic burden this group imposes but it has been discontinued by the present socialist-radical government out of fear that people wouldn’t like the figures. We know from Norway that each one of these non-Western immigrants causes a net loss to society of 4.1 million kroner during his lifetime. There is reason to believe that the numbers are not very different in Denmark.

A growing number of Danes realize that the Danish People’s Party is right in demanding a tightening of access to Denmark and thereby to free welfare. They also realize that the DPP is the only party with this policy. Under a new government the party will demand a stop to family reunifications from non-Western countries and a cutback in access to asylum, which should only be granted to the few that are genuinely politically persecuted. The DPP will also demand that criminal foreigners be expelled from the country whether or not they claim to have some affiliation to Denmark.

Regarding the EU, the Danish People’s Party will demand a general ban on socio-political harmonization so that foreigners will only have access to Danish welfare to the extent that they contribute to it.

A great number of Danes have understood that they must choose between immigration and welfare. They also realize that the hardest hit by cutbacks in welfare are the least well off and it is incomprehensible that the parties on the left are not more concerned with the plight of their own voters. There is every reason to expect many of these voters to change sides precisely due to concerns over immigration policy.


Mogens Camre is an economist. 1968-1987 he was a member of parliament representing the Social Democrats and for a number of years his party’s financial spokesman. 1999-2009 he was a member of the European Parliament for the Danish People’s Party.