The Textbook Putsch

A Putsch it is. Brought to you by Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama.
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A public school history textbook in Volusia County, Florida caused controversy because — you guessed it — it contained a nice big fluffy chapter on Islam, and none on any other religion. The Volusia school board scheduled a public meeting last night to discuss the issue, and then suddenly cancelled it due to an unspecified threat.

The board will reschedule the meeting at some future date, but will it be announced in advance? Or will they slip it in quickly and quietly one night, hoping to get the textbook approved and in place with a minimum of fuss from those pesky “Islamophobic” parents?

Below are two videos about the situation in Volusia County. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report from a local TV station:

Picture this:

“The people behind this movement are reflecting a national trend of hate groups that are promoting hatred of their Muslim neighbors. I think that’s un-American and it’s frankly just promoting intolerance, and right now what I think our community needs is to learn from each other,” said Hassan Shibly, CAIR Florida executive director.

And this supplemental raw video footage:

This is not an isolated controversy. All over the country, the soft-balling of Islam in school textbooks has become a public issue. Brevard County Public Schools — also in Florida — areusing the same book, which refers to Mohammed as the “messenger of God”:

School officials in Florida are defending a textbook that declares Muhammad as the “Messenger of God” after critics accused an Islamic education group of launching a stealth jihad in American public school classrooms.

Do read on. You will be amazed!

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