There Will Be No Carbon Tax

Tim Blair:

Three years, two months and 28 days after Julia Gillard vowed that there “will be no carbon tax”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott sets out to make those words true: THERE WILL BE NO CARBON TAX

Naturally, there is screaming:

Sky News reports at least eight people were ejected from the public gallery, including a former Greens Party staffer.

Sod off, swampies.



Death-feasting Greens love a disaster, as Andrew Bolt notes:

Once again the Greens have shamelessly exploited a tragedy, this time Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

These enemies of reason claim this “record” typhoon is evidence of global warming and “Typhoon Tony” – the Prime Minister – will cause more.

image But once again almost everything they say about this disaster is false or misleading.

Of course, that isn’t unusual for the Greens, a party that promises a new Dark Ages in which faith again trumps facts.

These people thrive on decay. That’s probably why they hail every election defeat as a victory.

Indonesia claim:

Australia tried to turn back boat

INDONESIA’S search and rescue agency has claimed the Australian navy turned back an asylum-seeker boat 50km closer to the Java coast, a claim denied by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison…  Meanwhile, Indonesia tries to shrink its obligations. 

Good Riddance, Putz!

A crying KRudd resigns.



This is exactly the sort of terrible misogyny that Julia warned us about.

Always wrong on everything Keating:


Tim Blair –

On Remembrance Day, Paul Keating doesn’t remember that Australia’s World War I soldiers were volunteers:

Mr Keating said he was heartened that many young Australians find a sense of purpose in the Anzac legend.

“They are fortunately too wise to the world to be cannon fodder of the kind their young forebears became, young innocents who had little or no choice,” he said.

Not so. By the way, “cannon fodder” could perhaps have been better expressed.