Typhoon Haiyan: don’t donate to the UN mafia!


People in the Philippines need our help. Aid groups and charities are working to help those affected by typhoon Hayan, which has killed thousands.  The usual suspects from the UN, along with  armies of ambulance chasers are getting ready to syphon off billions; just like in Haiti. In the next couple of days you will see the despicable Klintoons, Bono, Geldof and  the Goracle pop up in the Philippines calling for  donations to line their pockets. It goes without saying that this calamity will again be blamed on the junk science of “climate change”, and western governments will once again be pestered to throw billions at  third world despots to keep us safe from ‘dangerous climate change’.

Do yourself a favour and do not donate to any of the  established organisations, they don’t deserve your trust.