Whipping Up Hysteria

Guest Post by Sergio Redegalli

Sergio is a  SYDNEY artist whose anti-burka mural has infuriated left-wing and Islamic activists.

The provocative artwork will stay in place despite death threats, abuse, a string of vandalism attacks, a violent weekend protest and a police request to remove it.  Sculptor Sergio Redegalli defies ‘bullies’ and refuses to take down anti-burka mural


I had my mural (on my own properly) vandalised 81 times.

The silence of the lame stream media is deafening. I have re painted my Sydney Mural now 81 times, knowing that mostly Muslims are doing the vandalism. (Not to mention the multiple death threats against myself).

I would like to remind you also of the vandalism done by Muslims to Australian War Graves O.S.


This is from the latest attack….

10-4-12 004_zoomin_2Image of the last Muslim attack committed against myself:  this social misfit came at me with a metal shovel, has now been charged by the Police, although he has gone missing. Could it be that he is now in Syria? I look forward to his day in court, unless he is killed overseas defending his savage Ideology.

Now dare to compare:

The Cairns fishwrap is whipping up hysteria over a graffiti attack on a mosque. If a church had been vandalised you wouldn’t hear a sound.

Vandal attack shocks peaceful worshippers of Cairns mosque

VANDALS have angered the city’s Islamic community by launching a racial attack on Cairns’ only mosque.


Islam is Islam, and that’s it. (Tayyip Erdogan, PM and wannabe caliph of Turkey)


Graffiti is a scourge and vandalism is a crime. That’s it. (sheik yer’mami)

Having said that, hundreds of churches have suffered graffiti attacks, many more have been vandalised. Uncounted more have been firebombed or burned to the ground  just in the last couple of years. From Egypt to Pakistan and from Indonesia to Sydney, Australia, churches are being firebombed  and it hardly makes the news. The synagogues in Muslim countries have either been converted into mosques or turned into rubble.

Oioioi! The imam on TV:

“Attack of magnitude”- MP Warren Entsch sees an opportunity to prove his multiculti credentials:

Islam doesn’t tolerate ‘the other’: 


“My religion doesn’t tolerate other religion . . . Jihad is a part of my religion.” (Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr)

Have we forgotten the hijackings of the sixties and seventies, Bali 1 & 2, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Beslan, NYC 9/11, Londonistan 7/7, Mumbai, the jihad against Israel, have we forgotten the shoe-bomber, Fort Hood,  the underwear bomber, and the Times Square bomber? Have we forgotten  the atrocities of the “Arab Spring”  and 22 000 islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 that killed hundreds of thousands? What kind of a clue bat is needed to get  infantile, complacent westerners to open their eyes and pay attention? Did the Kenya Mall attack already go down the memory hole?


Because when a small mosque in Cairns suffers a graffiti attack, the multicultural shriekers from the Cairns fishwrap  throw temper tantrums  and can’t prostrate themselves enough to show their submission to the supremacist cult of Islam.

Conveniently ignored is the fact that most mosques  (in the U.S., in Europe, in the UK and Australia)  have been vandalised or set on fire by Muslims themselves. In Iraq and Pakistan shiites & sunni muslims are blowing  their mosques and each other  to smithereens almost daily, but does anyone pay attention?

Perhaps we should  replay the video of our own catmeat mufti, sheik Taj din al Hilali. Remember how he kicked in the door of his own mosque in front of his own surveillance cameras and then accused the police of playing tricks on him?  Oh how we laughed!

Lets ignore the burning churches, the  desecrated Hindu  and Buddhist temples from Sydney to Shittagong. Lets ignore the Persecution of Assyrians and Other Christians in the Middle East. Lets ignore the millions displaced and the mass-murder of more than 100 000 Christians annually around the world. Why should we care? We have thousands of Muslims laying in wait to replace us, our culture and civilisation. Why waste time? Lets get on with it!

Our enlightened establishment keeps importing more Muslims, whether we like it or not. With Muslims comes jihad and sharia. And we all know that Islam is a religion of peace. If you disagree or question it, the powers that be will destroy you. Try it!  The Q-Society has a helpline, you may need it.

Cairns-mosque-graffiti“Integrate or fuck off & enjoy the liberties of your homelands”

Barking moonbat Andree Stephens from the Cairns fishwrap blames ‘rednecks’ and ‘stupid, stupid, stupid’.

 Yes, its all very fine and dandy that her daughter has friends who are Korean-Scottish, and its even better that she eats Chinese food from her restaurateur friend who speaks proper English. But that is still no excuse to be pig ignorant about Islam, which is an ideology worse than communism and the Nazis.

No, its not about skin colour, although multiculturalists are desperate to conflate the issue.  Does Andree Stephens know what she supports? If she supports Islam she also supports child-marriage, polygamy, FGM, honour killings, jihad, genocide and sharia. May the burqa rest lightly on her shoulders!MailScreenSnapz001

It doesn’t occur to these shrieking harpies from the Cairns Post that they themselves  are pig ignorant and ‘beyond stupid’.  As usual, they  can’t see past the prism of race.   But Islam is not a race.  It is the worlds most destructive ideology in the guise of religion.


Okay, so who dunnit?

  • Was it one of the Australian relatives who had their kids blown up in Bali 1 & 2?
  • Was it a Coptic Christian from Egypt who had his family wiped out and his underage daughter raped and forced into marriage with a soldier of allah?
  • Was it a stupid stupid stupid redneck from the Cairns Post who needed a story?
  • Was it a relative of the victims of Bilal Skaf who’s daughter was a victim of Muslim pack rape?
  • Was it a bikie gang? LOL!
  • Was it a disgruntled ‘revert’ who was  flogged 70 times with a cable for drinking alcohol?
  • Was it the imam or one of his coreligionists?

No, of course not. No devout Muslim would do such a dastardly thing. Or would he?

Imam Abdul Aziz was born and raised in Cairns, spent years on various Cairns Show, Rotary and farming committees, represented the city’s junior soccer team in 1948 and speaks with a broad Australian twang.

“It’s very unusual to see desecration to any place of worship,” he said.

Hmm, in Islamistan its a daily occurrence.

The Cairns imam, we know that because  Gavin King from the Cairns fishwrap told us so, is a ‘dinky di’ Australian. He sports a zebiba, the prayer bump on the forehead, which means he takes his 5 daily prayers very seriously. In these 5 prayers, he curses the kafirs (that’s you and me and the rest of Australia) 17 times daily.

But don’t take my word for it, 

Local politprops cannot bow and scrape enough. Federal Member for Leichhard Warren Entsch tells us  “to  to get behind Abdul and his community,”

Allahu akbar! Lead the prayers, imam!

The State Member for Cairns, Gavin King, says it is an isolated incident that does not reflect the views of the community.

“I don’t think there’s a more peaceful, more respectful Muslim community anywhere in Australia,” he said.

(Sure. The Cairns community must be  reading a different Koran)

“The Imam’s father moved to Cairns in 1900.

“If the dropkick who did this vandalism has a longer history in Cairns, I’ll walk backwards to Brisbane.”

( I think Its time the Cairns community kicks  Gavin Kings ass all the way back to Cessnock….)

There is also this unsigned editorial, pontificating BS about a “racial” graffiti attack:



More attacks on my mural in Sydney:


These Muslims’ had no problem vandalising my wall all expressing their world views:


11 thoughts on “Whipping Up Hysteria”

  1. Regarding this little graffiti art on the mosque: Does Sheik Hilali, formerly the grand mufty of Australia, friend and protector of the muslim gang rapists, member of the muslim brotherhood have an alibi????

    I mean the guy vandalised his own mosque – forgetting that the security cameras were on.

  2. Sergio, just leave a note to the side of your artwork that reads –

    “Dear arselifters, you are standing in pig fat. You are now going to Hell.”

  3. Ha. Seriously, you can not make this shyte up!

    Love the note left behind.

    “This is a free country.”

    But apparently not for YOU, and YOU and YOU, Mr. Redegalli….just us Muslims.

    Despite, their delusions, Muslims are NOT a protected class.

    @Rita, love the story.

    “I mean the guy vandalised his own mosque – forgetting that the security cameras were on.”

    Isn’t that always the way? Which is why we never hear any follow up stories in the media, about alleged mosque vandalism that has occurred.

    It quietly disappears into the ether, but the stories give 15 minutes over to a victim narrative.

  4. I’ve met Warren Entch a few times, both times walked away disgusted. An more ignorant man I have never met.
    Don’t worry Sheik, I’m well aware of the Cairns Post and their bullshit.

  5. Read last sentence of the unsigned editorial, dated 5 November on graffiti attack,Cairns Post ,our say.

    “Only protesters who are too cowardly to attach their names to the attack”

    I suppose there will not be an editorial,about the protesters who are too cowardly to attach their names to the mural attack.They leave a note with “Free country we wear what we want” but no one takes responsibility.No names attached to the note left behind.

    I do not think that the protesters would be women.

  6. Yep. A genius like that writes editorials for the Cairns fishwrap.

    He whines that vandals don’t leave their calling cards behind. And he himself is too coward to sign his name to his puff piece.

    Since when is a graffiti attack “racial?”

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