Black Santa?

Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are celebrations of genocide.


The left accuses capitalism of commercializing holidays. The left politicizes holidays.

bad-santa-obamaThe Fourth of July is a reminder that America was founded by rich white men who didn’t want to pay taxes. - Santa’s White Privilege

OChristmas is an O-pportunity to push his perverse O-genda:

ObamaChristmasObama: ‘May Your Christmas Include a Conversation About Health Insurance’

Santa Baby!

Allahu akbar!

Malta: Private member’s bill to criminalize female genital mutilation - 

MPs launch major inquiry into female genital mutilation to ‘get to the truth’ about no-one has ever been charged

  • Home affairs select committee launches first official inquiry into FGM
  • Ministers, police, NHS staff, teachers and social workers to be grilled
  • Labour MP Keith Vaz says it’s ‘astonishing’ there have been no convictions.Read more:
Reward or bribe?

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  1. Dear Sheik, thanks for your always rich givings – this time especially for this little gem I had never heard, Ertha Kitt (I will steal it ;)). And I strongly recommend the article by Daniel Greenfield about Santa’s Whiteness or not, to which you link above.

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