Christmas Bombs

Three blasts rock Karachi, two killed, a dozen hurt

“My allah is better” kills two, dozens hurt….

MUZAFFARGARH – At least two activists of a banned outfit were killed and a dozen sustained gunshot wounds when armed activists of their rival sect ambushed them here in Village Salowala, Alipur Muzaffargarh district on Sunday.

Picture of the Week (TROP)

Can your religion do this?
In the last two weeks, over 500 ordinary Shiites, mostly
pilgrims on foot, have been blown up or shot to death
by Sunni co-religionists – their brothers in Islam. 

It goes without saying that the ‘human rights’ monkeys are nowhere to be seen when  Muselmaniacs do “their thing…”

The MuBro’s are a terrorist organisation:


Saudi Barbaria kicks out  120,000 undocumented migrants. (Yuman Rites monkeys blame Israel for…. )

Israel’s dilemma with illegal black Africans


“Illegal migrants cannot be allowed to take the law into their own hands,” Netanyahu stated. “We will enforce the law and we will deport them according to law.” — PM vows to uphold the law despite leftists’ best efforts.

IDF strikes Gaza

Palestinian terrorists who stole Christmas

The Israeli army said aircraft, tanks and infantry “targeted terror sites in the Gaza Strip” in retaliation for the shooting of an Israeli civilian.

“The sites targeted were a weapon-manufacturing facility and a terror infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip, a terror site and another terror infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip and a concealed rocket launcher in the northern Gaza Strip,” an army statement said. (Al Jizz)

Obummer Christmas For Dogs


 33 reportedly killed in Lebanon; media yawns

From The Daily Star (Lebanon via EoZ):

At least 32 Nusra Front gunmen were killed in east Lebanon in a weekend ambush sprung by Hezbollah fighters, a senior security source said Monday, adding that a member of the Lebanese group was also killed in ensuing fighting.

The clash was reported in other Lebanese media but not the casualty count.

But why should the mainstream media mention the spillover of Syria’s civil war onto Lebanese territory? Can’t be that important.