Don’t Be Fooled By The Rohingya Hoax!

Pamela Geller:

Muslims are waging jihad in Burma. But the Buddhists aren’t having it. Muslim Brotherhood groups in the US are agitating for UN intervention. As we all know, the UN is run by the OIC, the block of 56 Islamic fiefdoms, and whatever they seek to achieve is not in our interest.

AFDI Action Alert: Vote NO to House Resolution 418, Instead Ask Your Representatives to Condemn Jihad in Burma


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Pamela Geller schools CNN tart on what a savage is, CNN pulls plug…..

They always do. When Robert Spencer was trying to speak on Ammanpour’s pathetic ‘show’ they quickly turned off the sound. No truth will be told among leftarded Islamophile Obamabots:

Pamela Geller on CNN: Erin Burnett cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, AUDIO secretly taped

Erin Burnett is as dumb and dense as a CNN tart can be:

“Jihad means struggle”

“you can, does that mean you should….?”

Here is the video of my interview with Erin Burnett on CNN earlier. The video cuts of at the end of the description of the ADL. Here is a transcript of CNN didn’t run. I secretly recorded by interview and included the audio in the video as well. The interview is 14 minutes but CNN cuts it off at Hamas-CAIR 9 minutes in. Much thanks to Bug Fur Hat for dropping the secretly recorded audio of the entire interview into the video above.

This is what CNN’s Erin Burnett censored: PG: And CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood group — EB: That is the organization, right, Council on American-Islamic Relations, they said these are hate ads and part of a larger problem. PG: CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. They were named as Muslim Brotherhood. They’re a Hamas group in America. Hamas is — the first paragraph of their charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. Is CAIR ever gonna support me and support freedom? Of course not. They’re not — to me, they’re not a legitimate group. To me they’re a subversive group whose stated goal, according to an internal captured document in the Holy Land trial, was to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within. So that is a compliment. Seriously. EB: OK, let me ask you about this issue about savages again, because I think that is part of the problem here. At least — when people look at that ad — it is a word chosen — will you admit this? — to make people recoil and pay attention. PG: No. EB: To poke up. To perk up and say, Look at this. PG: No, it’s an accurate word. The definition of savage works, because any war on innocent civilians is savagery. Would you call those that beheaded a colleague, Daniel Pearl, savages? EB: I would call them murderers. PG: You wouldn’t call them savages? I would. I would call them savages. I would call Nazis, that slaughtered millions and millions of Jews and gypsies and homosexuals, I would call them savages. So I think now it’s not arbitrary: I think when you go to a dictionary and you look up what savage means, and that’s the definition — EB: Uncivilized and barbarous. PG: That’s right.