Eric Allen Bell tries to educate the Kos Kidz

Eric Allen Bell is back, trying to educate the Kos Kidz:

Let me just come right out by saying that the vast majority of the estimated 1.67 billion Muslims around the world are clearly not terrorists.

Needless to mention that the KK’s won’t have any of it.

Check out the comments: abortion clinic bombers and the Bible are just as bad as flying jumbo jets into the WTC.

The Kos Kidz are insane. Even 30 years of hard labour in Siberia couldn’t straighten them out. 

4 thoughts on “Eric Allen Bell tries to educate the Kos Kidz”

  1. What do you expect? There are too many Greeks and their descendents who are still dirty little Communist.

    They’ll advocate Communism and Islam and ignore what the Turks did to their kin and to the inhabitants of Cyprus.

    Kos is rabid left wing tool.

  2. EAB doesn’t see eye to eye with Robert Spencer because RS looks at Islam from a Christian perspective? That is ridiculous of him. It doesn’t matter what persepctive a non-Muslim has, Islam is bad.

    The anti-religion brigade does the counter-jihad movement no favours. And separating Muslims from Islam is no good either. Muslims who carry Islam in their hearts and minds, however nice they appear, are a problem. Actually, the nice Muslims are a bigger problem than the nasty ones.

    1. EAB is not the first who can’t see through the fog. Spencer is certainly no zealot and never tries to force his belief on others.

      Spencer knows Islam. He is not driven by ideology, he defends the constitution, our culture and civilisation. The Judeo-Christian value system is a million times better than the retarded Islamic system which is based on destruction, theft and exploitation.

  3. Eric Allen Bell is a con man.

    You can find the screen shots to back up what I am saying here.

    He does not believe in the 1st Amendment. He does not support Robert Spencer, or Pamela Geller. He is their rival for a market share in the CJM.

    Last year, Eric pretended he was the object of an international incident. It was all rubbish. The bounty was for one quadrillion rupees, or over 18 trillion dollars. Eric was told about the bounty, and the absurd number of zeros on it on Oct 13, 2012, but he continued to reference this phony for profit into this year.

    Eric has the ethics of a gypsy. If you Google “fate-in-focus” you will see he ran an online psychic reading service. This should tell you everything you need to know.

    Do you remember Eric telling us he had to sell his car to stay in the fight? Did you know he told his Occupy Wall Street friends the same thing 7 months previously?

    So, Eric goes from begging us for money, to leaving the movement, cursing God, and into the arms of another anonymous donor who apparently bought Eric a new car.

    He has lied about his New Age beliefs, repeatedly for years now. Eric Allen bell promotes the movie “What the Bleep?”, sells the work of Gregg Braden, believes Dr. Emoto is a scientist, has lavished praise on Deepak Chopra, teaches his followers that the “Maharishi Effect” is real. It just goes on, and on like this. He is a fraud, and will hurt the Counter Jihad Movement, guaranteed.

    A Counter Jihad Movement that is based on destroying all religions, except Eric’s will FAIL.

    He is a lying, satanic, gypsy bastard, and you had better getter wise to it because he is fixing to steal what you have.

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