Germany: Muslims attack Stürzenberger with shoes and firecrackers….

“The First Signs of the Civil War in Germany”

Michael-StuerzenbergerMichael Stürzenberger

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna:

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit. Every week he addresses a public gathering in central Munich, talking about Islam and the proposed mega-mosque, against which he has organized a citizens’ petition.Last Saturday, as he addressed the crowd, certain culturally enriched citizens of Munich attacked him with shoes and fireworks. Mr. Stürzenberger described what happened:

During the rally, a Muslim constantly showed me his middle finger. When I asked him to put it back to where it came from, a cascade of insults were his reaction:


At the peak of his defamation he took off his right shoe and threw it at me, which is presumably one of the most disrespectful things one can do in Islam. The video of the attack documents how the Muslim volcano begins to bubble when it’s confronted with factual information.

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for translating the video from Munich, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:

For the rest of the PI article about the incident, see the translation at Vlad’s blog. (Transcript below the fold!)

Cologne: Koranimals Attack Peaceful Protestors Against Persecution of Christians

Confrontation in Cologne

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A peaceful demonstration in front of Cologne Cathedral against the persecution of Christians turned ugly yesterday when Muslim counter-protesters, undeterred by any police intervention, got close-up and physical with the Islam-critics.

Below is a translated account from Politically Incorrect about what happened. The author, Sebastian Nobile, was in the thick of things during the day’s events:

Cologne: Aggressive Muslims disturb Protest against Persecution of Christians — Police watch idly

If one has spent a day like we did yesterday — in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral of Cologne, but under very unpleasant circumstances — it gives you something to brood about. One can surely speak of a success, when remembering that many people heard our words and have read our signs, but it is a success with a weird bitter taste. The police have knowingly exposed us to violence and aggression by angry Muslims and have only towards the end, when very many attacks had already happened, somehow done their job — but by their inaction, they have consciously put health and life of our demonstrators to a severe risk.

About 50 people came to support us on this difficult matter (see announcement), which was organized in Cologne by our non-party, independent alliance against persecution of Christians. As distinguished speaker we could welcome Michael Mannheimer. In addition, councillor of the City of Cologne, Jörg Uckermann from Pro Köln, joined us for the good cause as he had already done at our last rally. So for the moment, we were able to provide people with information in a quiet atmosphere.

The police stayed discreetly in the background and there were no cordons, which was quite useful for our purpose because you can get in touch with the people.

However, even in the most risky situations police still remained in the background, so we were completely left on our own and had more contact that afternoon than some of us were looking for. I witnessed some physical attacks by angry Muslims for example against my girlfriend, but also against Jörg Uckermann and others. I even partially had to ward off some attacks myself, and one of our stewards had to push an aggressive guy to the ground who wanted to damage our speakers. When things became more and more tumultuous and threatening, for some hysterical Muslim men and women started hitting, screaming and attacking our protesters, I asked the police a several times, via our speakers, to finally protect us. Though I told them about the attacks, there happened… nothing.

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Video transcript:

Stuerzenberger, Munich:

0:00 Pardon? What’s wrong with the Catholic Church?
0:04 What’s wrong with the Catholic Church?
0:08 You know, the founder of Christianity is Jesus.
0:12 He was murdered,
0:16 but Mohammed murdered. That’s the difference between
0:20 Islam and Christianity. Jesus was murdered, Mohammed murdered.
0:24 Jesus came to a stoning and told the people:
0:28 Whoever is without sin, let him throw the first stone. The stoning was cancelled.
0:32 Mohammed let adulteresses be buried up to the hips
0:36 and be stoned to death with stones, not too big,
0:40 so they would suffer. That was Mohammed.
0:44 A warlord, conqueror, raider, let 800 captured Jews be decapitated,
0:48 legitimated rape – your role model. Distance yourselves from your role model.
0:52 And you put your middle finger back to where it came from.
0:56 –You bastard! Come here, you bastard! I f*** all of you! –
1:00 – You son of a bitch! Shut up, you bastard! –
1:04 – You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! –
1:08 – I f*** your mother! F***ing Germans! Bastard! –
1:44 Your shoe.
1:52 Signs read:
1:56 [Islam is the religion of war]
2:00 [The hate comes from the Quran]
2:04 [Your hate fuels us]
2:16 Even Karl Marx said the Quran separates the world into believers and infidels,
2:20 and creates a status of permanent enmity.
2:24 Did you know that Islam separates the world into
2:28 the House of Islam, Dar al-Islam – that’s where Muslims reign – and
2:32 Dar al-Harb – that’s the House of war – where …
2:48 Well, now firecrackers are thrown. There, people shout “Allahu akhbar”.
2:52 These are the first signs of the civil war in Germany,
2:56 which Michael Hayden, Director of the CIA, predicted for 2020.
3:00 He said: Civil war-like conditions
3:04 in all German major cities. CIA Director Michael Hayden.
3:08 Here we go! Now, you see what’s ticking in our midst
3:12 in Munich-Neuperlach. So, come and sign (for the plebiscite).



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5 thoughts on “Germany: Muslims attack Stürzenberger with shoes and firecrackers….”

  1. 1. what a catch by Stürzy and with the left hand to boot.

    2. Little detail, the musulmaniac is showing the index finger, not the middle finger. I believe that in Germany , to show the middle finger to someone is a delict.

    3. How can I twitter your posts?

    1. Thanks Rita,

      yes I know the site is becoming corrupted again, the links to twitter and Facebook have disappeared and that strange page pops up again. I have to get Marc to look into it. Please bear with us….

  2. Same old pattern. When a legally gathered group of people protest against murderous Islam the police either do nothing or harass the legal protesters. The same is happening here in the UK and also in the USA. If this isn’t a world wide conspiracy then I don’t know what is.

  3. Michael Stürzenberger is speaking loud and clear to activate a reaction.
    In doing so he is trying to avoid a fateful delay in Europe when the confrontation could become much more violent.
    He is in a sensitive and dangerous position as he can easily slip in offensive vilification statement punishable by law.
    He should refrain from non objective and documented assertion and focus instead on the simple evidence that Sharia is absolutely incompatible with Western Constitutions and Civilisation.
    He should explain what Sharia is and list all its items, which gradually would affect Europe and the West – inclusive of all the dreamworld “socialists” and “pacifists”.
    The invitation to leave Europe to all those who are detrimental to freedom and democracy, opposed to dignified and reciprocal coexistence, enemies of human rights and religious freedom… is not a crime and is objectively based in the Law.
    Christian genocide, martyrdom and persecution is a daily reality and cannot be rewarded with coward appeasement and corrupted politician in business with the enemy.

  4. Instead of focusing so much on Muhammad… Michael should remind the German Nation that the cause of the current crisis in Europe and the West is the weakening of Judeo-Christianity and the promotion of detrimental ideologies which ultimately finish with supporting ISLAM via the illusion that all religions are equal in their superstitious mythology.
    Michael can use the Public Square to explain how the upgrade of the European Theocracy to Freedom and Grace has been possible no via Illuminism but because the Pilgrim Fathers. The Public Square should be mainly to recover the Memory of the Western Civilisation and explain how the defeat and the humiliation comes in to the picture.

    It is essentially a message of warning and re-call to conversion to Christ firstly for salvation and consequentially to prevent the removal of the Candlestick (the true Church) and the light of Freedom and Truth.

    If Europe thinks that a better freedom can be achieved without Judeo-Christianity then the Europeans are really sick and ready for defeat and humiliation.

    The main problem in an infectious disease is not the Virus itself but the Immune System.

    When Islam defeated Byzantium and Persia these two empires had been severely weakened by wars and internal problems and divisions.

    Whatever the outcome, the Europeans are fully responsible.
    If Islam will rise to power Europe will have be fully deserved it.

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