Hizb ut Thugs feel “oppressed” Down Under

Australia: Muslim group says arrests of Muslims headed to Syria to wage jihad bid to “intimidate and silence” Muslim community

Hizb ut-Tahrir “said the federal government was hypocritical in criticising such activities at the same time it had troops fighting in Afghanistan.” The fact that these jihadis were on their way to Syria to fight for the opposing side was apparently something they hoped the public would overlook. In any case, the openly seditious character of Hizb ut-Tahrir has gotten it banned in many countries — but not the U.S. or, apparently, Australia. (JW)


Fisking the Jihad, by Christina McIntosh:

Australian Authorities Arrest Muslims Heading Off to Join the Sunni Anti-Alawite Jihad in Syria; Hizb ut Tahrir (Aust.) Tries to Get Up a Pity Party 

Because, you see, whenever non-Muslims do anything at all that smacks of opposition to Jihad, this constitutes persecution and oppression of the poor, poor Muslims.

As reported by Ean Higgins in The Australian yesterday.   

“Muslim Arrests to ‘silence’ Community”.

Kudos to Mr Higgins and the editor of The Australian for using the M-word, without qualifiers, in a headline. – CM

Islamic activist group Hizb ut Tahrir (‘activist group’? – now that’s a newie on me, by way of a euphemism for ‘bunch of sinister jihad-inciting-and-plotting gang bosses’ – CM) described the arrests yesterday of two Muslims (congratulations, Ean Higgins and The Australian, once again, for calling them what they are – Muslims. Just Muslims.  Bog-standard Muslims, engaging – as per Quranic instructions – in Jihad fi sabil allah – CM) alleged to have tried to join the struggle (interesting choice of words: does Mr Ean Higgins know that ‘jihad’ in Arabic equates to ‘struggle’ in English or ‘kampf’ in German? – CM) in Syria, or to have arranged for others to do so, as a bid to “intimidate and silence” the Muslim community.

Personally, I’d have preferred for these and all the other aspiring ‘soldiers of allah’ to be wafted on their way out of the country…but with their Aussie citizenship quietly and inexorably cancelled, or else a sentence of Outlaw and Exile For Life brought down upon them, as soon as it was known that they were in Syria, in the dar al Islam, back where they belong, and where they ought to be required to remain. – CM


‘Hizb ut Tahrir, an international organisation (‘organisation’ is a good word, but ‘crime syndicate’ would do as well: see the following article from Russia Today on the manner in which Hizb ut Tahrir raises money for jihad:


dedicated to the creation of a global caliphate to rule all Muslims around the world (no: this caliphate they dream of would not just apply to Muslims: they are after nothing less than a planetary Sunni Muslim sharia-compliant despotism within which all non-Muslims on earth would be reduced to near-slave dhimmis, humiliated, degraded, exploited, treated with contempt, and periodically mass-murdered – CM) said the federal government was hypocritical in criticising such activities at the same time it had troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Fine.  We Infidels will be only too happy to take our men out of Muslim Afghanistan, so long as all soldiers of allah, and their camp followers, all the Fifth Columnists of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang, the de facto Empire of Islam, will reciprocally remove themselves from all majority non-Muslim lands, worldwide, and confine themselves henceforward to those portions of the earth already ruled, and ruined, by Islam. – CM

“Why are the acts of Australian troops in conflicts abroad characterised as an ultimate sacrifice to be celebrated but the sacrifice of Muslims in wanting to assist the oppressed characterised as criminal, problematic conduct to be condemned?” it said in a statement from its Australian media office.

‘Oppressed’.  When Muslims use this word, one must remember that in Muslimspeak – which is even more perverse than the Newspeak of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ – words like ‘justice’, ‘truth’, ‘oppressed’, ‘persecuted’, etc, do not mean what they mean for us Infidels.  At this point, to clarifywhat Hizb ut Tahrir and other Mohammedan whiners really mean when they use the word ‘oppression’ and claim that Muslims are ‘oppressed’, I shall link to a classic piece published in 2005 by Australia-resident Bengali ex-Muslim Abul Kasem, entitled, “When Is Islam Oppressed?”

Mr Kasem begins his article by quoting the ipsissima verba of a sinister jihad-inciting Muslim ‘cleric’ or jihad gang boss, Abdul Nacer Benbrika: “I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion.  It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to be spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam”.

A little later on, he explains, in tones dripping with sarcasm: “Islam is grossly offended by any un-Islamic moves of the infidels / not-so-good Muslims”.  And after quoting Quran 5: 33, which prescribes harsh punishment for “waging war against Allah (i.e. the unbelievers who reject Islam) and His messenger”, he explains that “the words ‘waging war’ in the above verse has very little to do with real combat (like Iraq, Afghanistan).  Any action, activity, remark, gesture, word/s, sound, utterance, look, manner, habit, conduct, style and so on, which are not in conformity with Islamic precepts are considered as blasphemous or ‘waging war”.  Thus, even the slightest criticism of Islam, Muhammad, Quran or Sharia, verbally or in writing, might be treated as gross violations of Islamic tenets...

Below, I have listed a few innocuous activities, manners, social customs, traditions, and the daily way of life, which the Kafirs blithely take for granted, but which are extremely un-Islamic.  According to Islamic morals, customs and laws these offensive activities/ practices might be construed as oppressive to Islam, and, therefore, they are legitimate targets for eradication, or they must be replaced by Islamic practices or Islamic purification.

“Here is how Islam is oppressed by the unbelievers.

“The infidels do not submit to Allah despite repeated warnings to them. This is the highest form of rebelliion by the Kafirs and an extreme type of oppression to Islam..”.

Read it all, if you have not read it before. Then, whenever some Hizb ut Tahrir or other Muslim whinger starts squawking about how awfully Muslims are being ‘oppressed’, you will have an entirely different perspective. – CM

‘Hizb ut Tahrir has run an active media and public forum campaign urging Australian Muslims (that is: Muslims currently resident in Australia – CM) to be cautious of cooperating with Australian authorities, or taking on mainstream Australian values.

Of course.  No Muslim is supposed to genuinely and permanently befriend or ally themselves with non-Muslims.   Hizb ut Tahrir is merely reminding their fellow Muslims of the pivotal Muslim principle of  al wala wa al baraa, loyalty (to the Ummah only) and enmity (toward all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims). – CM

‘At a convention in western Sydney last month, it said ASIO and federal and state police were engaged in a harassment and persecution campaign against activist (hmmm – jihad-minded? sharia-pushing? – CM) and traditionalist Muslims, in a bid to suppress dissident views inconvenient to the government, and promote an “acceptable” and “watered down” version of Islam.

And that, my friends, gives the game away, and how. Because it tells us that real Islam, Islam pur et dur, involves enmity and aggression toward non-Muslims.  Speaking as an Australian, I would like to see Hizb ut Tahrir banned, like, yesterday; and all its front groups shut down, and all non-citizen members and ‘activists’ turfed out, and investigation undertaken into how on earth any known Hizb ut Tahrir members and ‘activists’ managed to obtain Australian citizenship in the first place…and consideration given to the stripping of citizenship from those who openly flaunt their membership in and loyalty to a transnational – indeed, criminal (see the Russia Today news story I linked above, about Hizb ut Tahrir criminal activity) organisation and openly express total contempt for the non-Muslim polity within which they currently reside.

Their use of the term ‘persecution’ to describe actions taken in self-defence by Australian government and law enforcement should be taken, moreover, as a threat.  Quran 2: 214, supposedly recited after Mohammed’s banditti had – violating previous custom of no war during the sacred months – attacked a Quraysh caravan at Nakhla, concludes with the words “persecution is worse than slaughter”.  The ‘persecution’ was alleged or perceived Quraysh opposition to Muslims; the ‘slaughter’ was the Muslim killing of said Quraysh.  That is: when Muslims cry ‘persecution’ one must be wary, because it is very probable that they are ginning themselves up to attack those whom they are labellilng as ‘persecutors’.  

Opposition to Muslims = persecution; just as opposition to Muslims = oppression.  Anyone who resists and tries to defend themselves against Jihad – against the Muslim campaign to impose Muslim dominance and the sharia of Islam, world-wide, upon all human beings – is viewed as causing the jihad. See the following classic essay on Islamspeak, for more:

‘It issued yesterday’s statement after the announcement of the arrests of Amin Mohamad, alleged to have tried to travel to Syria to fight against the Assad regime, and Hamdi Alqudsi, who allegedly organised travel and arranged overseas contacts for seven Australians (sic: ‘seven Australian-passport-holding Muslims – CM) to fight in Syria.

‘The men were allegedly sent to fight with the terrorist group (that is, the jihad gang – CM) Jabhat al Nusra, also known as the Al-Nusra Front, and affiliates of al-Qaida.

‘In its statement, Hizb ut Tahrir said Attorney-General George Brandis, in linking these arrests to Australia’s national security, had engaged in “ridiculous and irresponsible fear-mongering”.

How dare the Filthy Unbelievers notice the hostile intentions and actions of Muslims toward non-Muslims and toward other-sect / deemed-heretical Muslims!  How dare the Filthy Unbelievers criticise anything done by any kind of Muslim!!  Actually, as far as I can tell, Attorney-General George Brandis is still a long, long way from grasping the full meaning and menace of Islam, Islam, Islam.  He wasn’t fear-monging; he was, if anything, gravely understating the nature of the threat that the Mohammedan Fifth Column, some half a million strong and counting, entrenched within towns and cities across Australia, now represents toward all non-Muslim Australians.  – CM

“On the one hand the government has criminalised support for forces opposing Assad, yet on the other is itself, through its foreign ministery, undertaking various political manoeuvres in support of the secular elements of the opposition”, Hizb ut Tahrir said.

True enough.  Strictly speaking, Infidel Australia does not have a dog in this fight, which boils down to a Sunni Muslim attempt to overthrow deemed-heretical Shiite-aligned Alawites: any so-called ‘secular elements’ are negligible in both power and numbers and are probably not as ‘secular’ as they appear in any case.  The only people Australia should care about, in Syria, and the only people I want us to help and to whom we can and should offer asylum (it could probably be done via the Russian embassy and perhaps the French), are the desperately-imperilled and defenceless indigenous Syrian Christians, both Orthodox and Catholic.  If nothing is done to help them, they will be slaughtered wholesale…and chief among the ululating butchers will be Jabhat al-Nusra, whom Hizb ut Tahrir are so zealously supporting. – CM

“The truth is that government poiicy on this issue is not about violence or national security.

Wrong. It is: though they’re going about it the wrong way.  In fact, Australia and other infidels would have been safest if the semi-Muslim Alawites remained in power in Syria..just.  Any kind of full-strength-Islam regime, anywhere in the world, is bad for Infidels. – CM

“It is about seeking to legitimise and push the political alternative for Syria the government deems acceptable and de-legitimising and criminalising that which it deems problematic”.

How dare we Aussie kuffar criticise, condemn and refuse to provide support for people – such as the allahu-akbaring mohammedthugs of the Jabhat al Nusra and all the other jihad gangs currently operating in Syria – who cut off heads (including, sometimes, the heads of their own fellow-fighters, if they mistake them for the Enemy – ooops!), slit open bodies and munch on still-warm guts, kidnap priests and hold them to ransom, kidnap and rape nuns, kidnap and rape Christian girls (and then murder them), burn churches, and sack and pillage ancient Christian villages!!  How dare we regard such wholly-sharia-compliant and Quranically-encouraged jihad ultraviolence as criminal and ‘problematic’!! -  CM

“it is about promoting and working for a secular lackey as the alternative to Assad”.

As opposed to, say, promoting and working for the institutionalised sadism of a Sunni Muslim sharia despotism?  Because that’s what Hizb ut Tahrir wants and is actively working towards achieving – not only for Syria, but for the whole wide world, including Australia.  – CM

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  1. ” Kiwis ” are also fighting there..Our Nationalist politician , Winston Peters , was warning about this sort of thing about 20 years ago..I am not quite sure how many times he could say I told you so….he has been a very brave voice in NZ for many years and is still in our parliament.

  2. Some wistful perhaps whimsical thoughts ….
    What would happen if all these VILE/STUPID/IGNORANT/THUGISH/PAEDOPHILIC/MURDEROUS/(etc – ADD ANY/ALL THEIR ILLEGAL AND HOSTILE ACTIONS) “Submitters to Islam (includes dhimmis and Assistors)” just started to (very quickly) inexplicably and magically ‘evaporate’ without a trace (who really cares where – but some place where they are rendered harmless) – wouldn’t that be something? – ah! but would that be (not) an impossibility – not if one believed in a combined humanities ‘magic’.

    The non-muslim Worlds MOST UNPLEASANT PROBLEM – just seemingly disappearing right before our very hard to believe it eyes – purely and truly a ‘magical’ experience – a very peaceful and quiet (to us anyway) ‘Submissives’ Armageddon.

    Could this be the great culling of the world’s population by the worlds ‘elite’? – or perhaps even by other methodologies ….

    Also the mentioned (in the link above) Chapter 9 of the book entitled, “Who Are We” by Vladimir Megre ….

    LET ≡ ALLOW – because ….
    “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”
    (A Simple truth gifted to us by – Geert Wilders)

    I did say “Some wistful perhaps whimsical thoughts” ….

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