Hussein Obama on the world as it should be…

Its cool to be a terrorist

“Through his choices, Mandela made it clear that we did not have to accept the world as it is — that we could do our part to seek the world as it should be….In the most modest of ways, I was one of those people who tried to answer his call.”– Hussein Obama on Mandela

That Sheriff is Right

Sheriff Refuses to Lower Flag for Mandela

After blowing off the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, who helped us win the Cold War and was probably the best foreign friend America has had since Winston Churchill, Obama announced that he will fly to Africa to pay his respects to the guy who said this:


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Moonbat Messiah getting our boys killed:

Outrage at Elton John Concert in Moscow

The only visible outrage came from a radical Islamist organisation that urged the authorities of Tatarstan to forbid him from performing Saturday in the region’s capital of Kazan. He was using a sold-out Moscow concert to challenge a highly contentious law banning the “propaganda of homosexuality” to minors…  (Just radical Islamists? That’s all right, then)


  • The Holden … Mandela?

Nucking Futz


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  1. I think there is a common element behind Holden(Detroit decision), the carbon tax, Indonesia’s boats, the ABC….

    Abbott is not very well liked by the Obama administration. Strings are being pulled from far away to make sure Abbott is undermined.

  2. nelson mandela was a terrorist who killed innocent people to further his agenda. what a hypocrite.

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