Is This Pope a Twelfer?

The Shi’ites began to teach that the Twelfth Imam would return at a time when the Muslims were oppressed as never before, and suffering worse than ever. The Imam, in the company of Jesus (re-imagined, as in Sunni Islam, as a Muslim prophet), would finally end the horrific persecution of the true believers, taking up arms against their enemies and conquering and Islamizing the world.

Is this pope a twelfer?

Or is he a submitter?

Pope Francis sounds like the mad mullahs in Iran….


“It seems at that final moment of calamity, it seems like he will take over this world, he will master of the world,” the pontiff observed.

Vatican City, Nov 28, 2013  (CNA/EWTN News).- In his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the end times, saying that faith will be increasingly pushed out of the public square and that persecution of Christians is a “prophecy” of what is to come.

Progress in Venezuela:

As Vladimir Lenin helpfully explained, “The goal of socialism is communism.” You will know it has been attained when stored shelves are completely empty.

A Month of Horror for Christians under Islam:
September, 2013 | Raymond Ibrahim
The Mohammedan Obsession With Yasser Arafartbastard:
“Deep inside we all know who killed him.”
Who cares for facts when spin is all is all it takes to whip up fanatival frenzy?

Leaked report contradicts findings of Swiss experts; radiation scientist says…..

“Kashani said at this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran that ‘All of the world hates you. You are hated, humiliated and despicable. [As a Jew] You have been immersed in the flesh of rabid dogs and pigs’.”

Erdogan’s Latest ‘Morals Enforcement’  (Gatestone)

“Self-appointed morals patrols in neighborhoods and apartment complexes are encouraged to interfere with unmarried couples.”
Palestinian Nazis  (FrontPage Magazine)
“We Jews cannot have the luxury of not believing our own enemies.”
Raymond Ibrahim’s monthly round-up.

FBI Deflates ‘Islamophobia’ Myth  (Islamist Watch)
“The FBI’s newly released hate crime statistics once again throw cold water on the tired narrative that American Muslims find themselves under siege.”
Even CNN has to admit that Syria’s ‘Arab Spring’ is really just the latest chapter in the Sunni-Shia bloodfest.

4 thoughts on “Is This Pope a Twelfer?”

  1. @harbidoll,

    Everything in the known universe has come BEFORE Islam and that is the main problem. It one of the reasons that so many generations of Muslims feel inferior.

    Oh, yeah, and the fact that Allah is allegedly on their side for everything. And it shows, this godly favoritism. That is why Muslims rule the world and are the inventors of everything.

    Oops. Oh, wait…

  2. If only someone – ANYONE – would have poisoned Arafart early, then quite a few young boys would not have had to die of AIDS.

    The gall of his ‘widow,’ sitting in Paris on all this money stolen from the Palestinians, bored out of her triple chins, seeking to make her little-boys-raping husband a martyr.


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