Londonistan hears the call to Islam

Just try this in a Muslim country!

Muslims go to Piccadilly Circus to provoke Christians with offensive reinterpretation of Jesus.

Call to Islam in Piccadilly Circus | Abu Shafi

From the Religion of Peace:

Muslim Tourists Give Nazi Salute at Auschwitz…

No soldier should be punished for killing a Koranimal:

They should be given a medal:

 Corporal Wooldridge  took the machine gun and beat the enemy fighter to death by hitting him with several blows to the head with his own weapon before the enemy could pull the pin on the grenade.


6 thoughts on “Londonistan hears the call to Islam”

  1. By the way it was Jesus that said, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s…that is because He knew that we have temporal responsibilities to each other, as well as to God.

    Unfortunately for the poor deceived muslim soul, Muhammad backed deception, slavery, prostitution, necromancy, murder, bestiality, polygamy, and what not…

    Note, dear reader, how in all these instances, muhammad acted dishonestly towards other persons.

    He lied, to gain for himself, he enslaved, to gain for himself, he prostituted for his gain, he murdered, to gain for himself, and did unseemly things at the expense of others in order to satisfy his personal and selfish desires…

    muhammad disregarded what Jesus commanded, and what any honest person would have attempted to do.

    Yet, the poor soul wants us to believe that Jesus was a muslim!

    Jesus did not commit murder, prevented an adultress from being stoned, spoke against religious ritualism, and cast demons out…

    When muhammad was covered under a white sheet, frothing from his mouth, it wasn’t Jesus that he was imitating either…and any true disciple would have prayed for the demon to be cast out…

    Consider muhammad’s life before he became a muslim…

    He worked for a woman, who hired him out for caravan work.
    He did not kill, steal, rape, or threaten
    He was respected for the work that he did

    After becoming a muslim

    muhammad lied, threatened, stole from caravans, killed, raped, deceived, and what not…

    He died a ghastly old thing (so ghastly it was forbidden to make drawings of his face), probably poisoned by one of the wives whose husband he had had murdered, and ultimately, he thought and it is recorded that he said he was going to spend time in hell for the horrible things he had done…(his conscience accused him, still)…

    Now, why would people want to be like muhammad the muslim?

  2. islam is primarily a religion of the belly.

    It is meant to give its followers, religious sanction for pursuing all their criminal intentions, for the sake of fulfilling their rapacious desires against those that are not of their cruel religion.

    Some people never learn
    Case No. Informant/Respondent Defendant/Applicant Location Hearing Date
    D13684618 CONST1 SALMON, L BULTAN, HALUK Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court 10/12/2013
    D13684618 CONST1 SALMON, L BULTAN, HALUK Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court 10/12/2013
    D12859727 MR GODFREY, J BULTAN, ABDUL Sunshine Magistrates’ Court 13/02/2014

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