PuffHo Tards Defile Christmas With ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

Koranimals & Leftards defile everything.

Check out  the PuffHo commenters, there is no better mirror for liberal mental mush.

NYU Muslims Mock ‘Last Supper’ for Christmas season

Posted on December 25, 2013 by creeping sharia

As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ, Muslims are busy mocking the depiction of his last meal before being crucified. via 7th Rangers

A Muslim woman by the name of Fatima Ali and her friends from the Islamic Center at NYU have crossed the line of disrespect by posing in a mocking photo of the ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

Ali told The Huffington Post, “For this year’s photo, we wanted to do something that, in its own humble way, aimed to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultural and religious norms. We looked up the painting, assigned each person a character, and meticulously tried to mimic the image, while also making it our own.”

Ali seems to be projecting her own feelings through comments attributed to “Christians”:

She said that some Christians have commented on the photo to say that “this is probably what the people sitting at the Last Supper actually looked like (brown skin, darker features, etc.) instead of the alabaster faces that are strewn across Da Vinci’s original work…”

The imam of the same Islamic Center at NYU issued veiled threats of jihad if the university displayed the Danish Mohammad Cartoons. NYU bowed down. Islamic thugs and hypocrites abound.


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Christmas in Eurabia -Deck the Halls

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It isn’t about live and let live. It’s about homosexuals and their cultural Marxist advocates ramming perversion down society’s throat and using their control of the establishment to force people to go along with it. From California, where homosexual marriage was defeated at the ballot box with Prop 8, but then imposed by fiat by a homosexual judge: (Moonbattery)



Christmas in Iraq:

Iraqi Christians fear “Christmas day of terror”

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Have they all gone gaga?
Top Holy Land Catholic Patriarch urges prayers for independent Palestinian state, release of prisoners and reconciliation during Midnight Mass in Bethlehem’s Nativity Church. Should Christmas be free of politics? 

11 thoughts on “PuffHo Tards Defile Christmas With ‘Last Supper of Christ.’”

  1. 🙂 I would just like to inform you that the world is waking up to Israel’s corruption. President Obama is slowly discrediting Israel and patiently yet methodically exposing Zionism. Almost every news website has anti-Zionist comments posted in the comment section. Millions and millions every day!!! Iran will be strong soon. And Palestinians will take the throne back, and I’ll be satisfied. 😉 that’s a promise. Bye bye Jew. Merry Christmas to all of my Christian friends–who are genuinely against Zionist criminals.

  2. “…:) I would just like to inform you that the world is waking up to Israel’s corruption….”

    Actually Ali, despite what you’d like to think the world is rapidly waking up to islam’s corruption and the ridiculous lies of its bewildered adherents in its Western 5th column who vainly try to whitewash it. You’ve heard the term ‘trying to put lipstick on a pig’, no?

  3. Ali, I would just like to inform you that Israel contributes way above its weight limit to human progress in the sciences, the arts, and culture!! You worthless muslim scum contribute NOTHING. And stop molesting your camel!!!

  4. The only thing Obama has gone out of his way to discredit is himself.

    As for Israel, well as kaw said, Israel has done more in it’s short existence then Muslims have done in their entire existence.

    Lastly, If your going to make wild and outrageous claims, at least cite one single example otherwise your just another braggadocian Muslim making yet another ad hominem attacks against Israel.

  5. Sorry,

    I can’t pass this up as it deserves to be mocked…

    “And Palestinians will take the throne back.”

    Hmm. Palestinians had a throne?

    Made up people with a made up history have made up throne? Why not? It fits with everything else that is made up.

  6. RE: The Last Supper tableau vivant

    All it proves, yet again, that Muslims spend more time thinking about Christians, then Christians spend thinking about them.

    The only attention, they have received arouse out of a post 9/11 and the continued histrionics of a bunch of spoilt manipulative troglodytes demanding attention.

    Sadly, someday soon, they will come to regret waking sleeping giants and will eventually come to wish they remained under the radar.

  7. Hill: I think they are jealous! Deep down they must know their “prophet” was an uncultured goon.
    Any child with a compass, set square and box of colours could create Islamic “art” but Christian traditions inspire true art.

  8. Poor Muslims.

    Tye have noth9ng except murder and mayhem that Islam creates. At heart of Islam is a void.

    Muslims should get out of Islam asap, or they will be back to shit hole Islamic countries.

  9. @PG


    A Goon who gifted the world with his progeny of goons who are self aware enough to be jealous and resentful of the surrounding superior cultures to cause enough trouble in this world with their inferiority complex.

    “Christian traditions inspire true art.” Amen to that, you are correct some of the most beautiful art, literature and music in this world exists due to the inspiration of Christianity.

  10. As for the stupid last supper bit – leftards and Arabs are infamous racists, who aren’t even smart enough to realize (or prefer to ignore) the facts that geneticists classify all Sephardic Jews and Arabs (no matter how swarthy in the former case, or inbred in the latter) as ‘Caucasians.’ So to endlessly harp on about how “non”-white they are in appearance, is beyond-moronic, racist slander against everyone ‘whiter’ than they are!
    Besides, in every description in the Qur’an and ahadith, Muhammad himself is described as a “white” man LOL!

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