Robert Spencer Plucks Tahir ul-Quadri’s BS Fartwa Like a Goose

Comedy gold: “Fatwa on Terrorism” site responds to Robert Spencer


You just gotta get the REAL Qur’an

UPDATE: The Fatwa On Terrorism site has now extensively revised its post to remove all reference to me, probably when they saw how thoroughly their clock had been cleaned below. Most of the post in its original form is quoted below, and a trace of the original remains (at least until they see this update) in the fact that my name is among the tags for the post, and there is a now-unexplained reference to a “blog” that listed some Qur’an verses.

On Tuesday I published an article at PJ Media explaining why the celebrated Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings by Sheikh Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri was not actually a reform document at all, but a dishonest exercise in deceiving unbelievers, since in 357 pages it never bothers to explain or discuss in any way, or even mention, almost all of the Qur’an passages that Islamic jihadists use to justify violence and supremacism. Now the “Fatwa on Terrorism” site, which boosts Qadri’s work energetically but never explains its precise relationship to him, has responded with a masterpiece of Islamic supremacist invective and still more disingenuous pseudo-reform.

Islamic supremacists can’t seem to keep themselves from demeaning and insulting their opponents, and so in the Fatwa on Terrorism response I am “an ill-informed hate-blogger and Islamophobe who is rightly banned from the UK.” Even if I were ill-informed, a hate blogger, an Islamophobe, and rightly banned from the UK, none of that would make Qadri’s fatwa any less deficient or unconvincing than it is. But attacks like this are a constant feature of Islamic supremacist writing, for — I suspect — three main reasons:

1. They know their argument is weak, and so resort to name-calling by way of compensation;

2. The Qur’an and Sunnah never imagine an opponent of Islamic imperatives who is operating in good faith and good will; all are viewed as mendacious, greedy, and motivated by base self-interest. Modern-day Muslim believers thus understandably view their opponents in the same way; and

3. They’re imitating Muhammad, the supreme example of behavior for Muslims (cf. Qur’an 33:21), who directed his followers to direct verbal abuse at their foes: “Tell him to bite his father’s penis, and do not use a euphemism.”

Anyway, it turns out that I, hateful and stupid as I am, completely “failed to grasp the point” of the Fatwa on Terrorism, which is not actually contained in the Fatwa on Terrorism at all, but in another book by Qadri, a highly inventive “translation” of the Qur’an, complete with the illustrious Sheikh’s “parenthetical explanations” that make the peaceful nature of the document abundantly clear to you. The whole problem arises, you see, from improper translations of the Qur’an:

“Robert Spencer Islamophobic attack on Islam’s peace document,” from the Fatwa on Terrorism site, December 25 (thanks to JW:

Robert Spencer an ill-informed hate-blogger and Islamophobe who is rightly banned from the UK has failed to understand the basic reasons for the Fatwa on Terrorism & Suicide Bombings book in his latest blog titled “The Hypocrisy of the Fatwa Against Terrorism” in which he attacks the peace-document and misses the core point.He has completely failed to grasp the  point of the Fatwa on Terrorism, which actually deals with the core arguments that terrorists misuse Qur’anic verses to defend their wrong actions. Hence this Fatwa on Terrorism is a clear cut peace-document which refutes each and every argument made by the terrorists and  actually declares them disbelievers….

Before attacking Islam, Spencer should study The Glorious Qur’an English translation of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri which is the most accurate and reliable translation  of the Holy Qur’an to date. Employing a unique system of hermeneutics, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has produced a fully explanatory translation of the Qur’an into modern English, which at the same time maintains strict linguistic accuracy in relation to the original Arabic. The translation features parenthetic explanationsin step with the translated sentence structures, which are also consistent with the structures of the Arabic text, and which conform to the Prophetic traditions and established exegetic principles (acts as a commentary of the Qur’an).This unique translation of the Qur’an will ensure that people like Spencer and terrorists do not twist the Qur’anic meaning. A paperback copy can be ordered from here: or

You will notice that ALL of the Qur’an verses that Spencer refers to in his blog, if translated properly in the correct context actually relate to wars only in DEFENCEof the Muslim state , never offensive.  Hence any acts of terrorism by jihadists or any radicals in the West or in Muslim-majority countries are considered to be completely against the teachings of Islam. This is what the Fatwa on Terrorism has effectively and most accurately highlighted. We also recommend him to read the latest book of Dr Qadri “Islam on Mercy and Compassion” to grasp the true teachings of Islam which are based purely on Mercy and Compassion, order a copy here:

Dr Qadri translates the Qur’anic verses on Jihad which Spencer mentions in his blog, as follows:


“And (during war) kill (the aggressing and combating disbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out (through military operation by the state) from where they drove you out. And rousing mischief and disruption is a severer (crime) than killing. But do not fight against them in the proximity of the Sacred Mosque (Ka‘ba) unless they themselves fight there against you. Then if they attack you, kill them (in defence), for that is the right penalty of (such aggressing and combating) disbelievers.

But if they desist, then surely Allah is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.”


“Fight against all the idolaters (in retaliation) the same way as they all (allied) have imposed war upon all of you”


“They (the hypocrites) wish that you should also disbelieve as they have disbelieved so that you all might become alike. So do not make friends with (any of) them until they emigrate in the way of Allah (in order to prove their sincerity and truthfulness). Then, if they turn away (and start war against you), seize them and kill them wherever you find them (during the war), and take not (any of) them either for a friend or for a helper.”


“(O Esteemed Beloved! Also recall the majestic sight of your glory) when (on the occasion of the battle of Badr) your Lord revealed to the angels the message: ‘I am (also) with you (to support the Companions of the Messenger). So, keep the believers firm-footed and steadfast (by good news and support); I will cast awesomeness (of Muhammad’s forces [blessings and peace be upon him]) into the hearts of the (aggressing) disbelievers right now. So, strike at the nape of (the combatant disbelievers’) necks and crush all their tendons and joints (during the war, in response to their plan and war strategy against you).”


“And, (O people of truth,) continue your fight against these (chieftains of oppression and terrorism for the establishment of enduring peace), until there does not (remain) any disruption and Din (the system of compliance with law) is devoted to Allah alone. And if they desist, then Allah surely sees well (the action) that they are accomplishing.”


“And, (O Muslims,) muster up as much defence strength as you can (in the form of weapons and equipment of war) and (also formations) of war steeds (i.e., war mounts) to combat them. Cause fear with this (readiness) amongst the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and also those besides them whose (secret enmity) you know not; Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, you will be paid back in full, and you will not be done any injustice.”


“So when the sacred months have passed, then (as declared) kill the idolaters (who have re-initiated war) wherever you find them (during the war), capture them, imprison them and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush (to catch and besiege them). So, if they repent, establish Prayer and start paying Zakat (the Alms-due), then leave their way open. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.”


“(O Muslims!) Wage (also a defensive) war against those of the People of the Book who (infringed the peace treaty signed with you, and despite being in exile, provided full support to the disbelieving Meccan invaders who imposed the battle of al-Ahzab [the Confederates] on Medina, and have continued every possible conspiracy against you even now). They do not have faith in Allah and the Last Day, and do not consider unlawful the things Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) have declared unlawful, and do not adopt the true Din ([Religion] of Islam) until they give in and surrender (to the command of Islam), and pay the capitation tax with their own hands after having been subdued.”


“Surely, Allah has bought from the believers their souls and wealth in return for (the promise of) Paradise for them. (Now) they fight (for the noble cause of peace) in the way of Allah. So they kill (during the war) and are slain (themselves) too. (Allah has taken) the firm promise as a bountiful obligation on Him in the Torah, the Gospel (the Injil) and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his promise than Allah? So, (believers,) rejoice over your bargain against which you have sold (your souls and wealth). This is a colossal achievement.”


“O believers! Fight against those of the disbelievers who are around you (i.e., who are directly involved in hostilities and terrorist activities against you). And (fight in a way and at a time that) they find in you toughness (of might, valour and defensive capability). And bear in mind that Allah is with those who guard themselves against evil.”


“So when you are to fight (for the elimination of militancy and terrorism) against the (warring) disbelievers (in the battlefield), strike their necks (whilst fighting because they slaughtered harmless human lives and destroyed peace by their terrorist activities) till, when you have killed a good many of them (in the battle), then tie (the remaining prisoners) tightly. Thereafter, either set (them) free (without ransom) as a favour or (free them) for ransom (i.e., cost of freedom) till the warring (hostile army) lays down its weapons (i.e., announces the truce). That is (the command). And if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself on them (without war). But (He did not do so) in order to try some of you by means of others. And as for those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not at all make their actions fruitless.”

Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is currently writing a book on Jihad: Perceptions and Reality which will be published in 2014. It will be the largest book ever written on the topic of Jihad and we believe it will be a must-read for Spencer and people like him to understand the true concept of Jihad.

I can’t wait. If this forthcoming tome, “the largest book ever written on the topic of Jihad,” is as funny as those “translations” of the Qur’an, then Qadri will have a bright future as a stand-up comedian. Note that the bolded sections in the Qur’an quotes above are in the original post at the Fatwa on Terrorism site. Most of them represent interpolations (Qadri’s “parenthetic explanations”) that have absolutely no foundation either in the Qur’an’s Arabic text or in Islam’s theological or jurisprudential traditions — although this post insists, without offering (or being able to offer) any evidence, that these interpolations are “in step with the translated sentence structures, which are also consistent with the structures of the Arabic text, and which conform to the Prophetic traditions and established exegetic principles.”

These interpolations make violent Qur’anic passages into something quite other than what they really are. For example, the beginning of Qur’an 47:4 (“So when you meet the unbelievers, strike at their necks…”) becomes not a justification for terrorism, but an anti-terrror exhortation: “So when you are to fight (for the elimination of militancy and terrorism) against the (warring) disbelievers (in the battlefield), strike their necks (whilst fighting because they slaughtered harmless human lives and destroyed peace by their terrorist activities)…”

What of a jihadist who reads the Qur’an in Arabic, without the benefit of these “parenthetic explanations”? He’s out of luck, stuck with thinking that he should strike the necks of the unbelievers, full stop, not just those unbelievers who have “slaughtered harmless human lives and destroyed peace by their terrorist activities.” I await Qadri’s parenthetical explanation of how we poor Infidels are supposed to respond to such Muslims.

Anyway, it would certainly be nice if the Qur’an said these things, but it doesn’t, and jihadists who justify their actions on the basis of Qur’anic teaching know that it doesn’t. The Qur’an and Islamic teaching are in dire need of reform, but this isn’t it: simply adding glosses into Qur’anic passages to render them harmless doesn’t do anything to stop even one jihad terror attack. If Qadri were serious about reforming Islam to remove its capacity to incite Muslims to violence, he wouldn’t simply assert alternative meanings of the Qur’an’s violent verses, but explain to the jihadis why the traditional Islamic understanding of them as retaining their validity and force and embodying an imperative to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers is wrong on Islamic grounds. He wrote a whole book on terrorism and didn’t even attempt to do that. Rewriting Qur’an verses doesn’t do it, either.