Sydney: Afghan Sex Offender Claims the Incidents Were Accidents ‘Because He Couldn’t Swim’

Just Accidents

Dog-paddle swim sex defence

AFGHAN asylum seeker Mohammad Salem Nazari accused of assaulting girls at a pool claimed the incidents were accidents because he couldn’t swim.   Nazari’s bridging visa has already been revoked and if he is given bail at a later date he will be placed in a detention centre.

Police said he showed no remorse and appeared “extremely nonchalant” about the seriousness of the allegations. They also said the girls were traumatised by the alleged assaults.  Nazari is accused of grabbing the girls around the waist, touching their thighs, bottoms and breasts.

330lb Muslim Rapist Who Claimed Bin Laden Ties Complains of Prison Bullying

Everybody is being bullied these days. Bullying is the new satanic abuse cult.It’s happening everywhere. Even to 330 lb rapists who claimed to be international terrorist drug lords.

And if they aren’t safe from the bullying crisis… who is?

A morbidly obese rapist who threatened to kill the families of his victims if they didn’t have sex with him has been jailed for eight years.  (Daniel Greenfield)

Waseem Razvi Praises Australia For Not Resisting the Call to Islam

waseem_photo1Speaking to Saudi Gazette, the 32-year-old Melbourne-based vibrant visionary preacher, said that Australia is a fertile ground for Islam to grow and that should be possible only through creating an environment of infinite reciprocal cordial relations among followers of all faiths and achieving coherence among different nationalities.

Mehmet Tillem, Labor Senator from Victoria, praises Malcolm Fraser for committing treason

Mehmet praised the government of former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser that allowed his father Ramazan Tillem to settle in Australia despite being an illegal immigrant from Turkey.

10 updates from the Salt Shakers:

Egypt’s Women: Covered-up or Locked-up

Gatestone Institute, by Michael Armanious, December 10, 2013

1.“”If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street…and the cats come and eat it, whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat? If she was in her room, in her home in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.” — Sheikh Taj Din Al-Hilali, Grand Mufti, Australia, 2006

Although she survived the attack, what is really instructive is how she was demonized and blamed onEgypt’s talk shows for the violence she endured. Commentators accused her of deliberately wearing a blue bra to invite the attack — as if it even could have been seen beneath the black Islamic veil she wore before she was attacked…”

2. Obama and Kerry Have a Chamberlain Moment

ACT! For America, by Brigitte Gabriel, 25 November 2013

“It is often said that bad things happen in the dark of night and this past Saturday night in America seems to have confirmed that adage. Late Saturday night, it was announced that, largely led by US Secretary of State John Kerry working at the behest of President Obama, world powers had inked an “interim deal” of sorts on Iran’s nuclear program. (The Washington Post has the story here. ) While John Kerry has hailed this as a great triumph for peace, more sober minds are calling it what it is: capitulation. In the Islamic world, the only time you come to the negotiation table, is to negotiate the terms of your surrender. America is failing time and time again in dealing with its enemies…”

3. European Anti-Semitism and the Fear of Muslims

Gatestone Institute, by Timon Dias, November 21, 2013

“When European history teachers omit the Holocaust from their curriculum, they do not do this because they hate their Jewish students more than their Muslim students. They omit it because they are afraid of their Muslim students. They might also believe they do it to be “nice,” but then how come this same “niceness” is not afforded to the Jews? In the “Stockholm Syndrome,” now seen, ironically, in Sweden, victims start bonding with their abusers in the wish that if they share the same values as their abusers, their abusers might stop abusing them. “We must be open and tolerant toward Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so toward us.” — Jens Orback, former Swedish government minister…”

4. The UK Confronts Islamism

Front Page Mag, by Daniel Greenfield, December 10, 2013

“A century ago the murder of a British soldier in broad daylight in London would have been an act of war. In this post-imperial and post-everything age, an atrocity leads to a task force which produces a report which is then filed in a desk drawer by the undersecretary for something or other. Like clockwork, the murder of Lee Rigby led to a task force and to a report…”

5. This is Britain: a crackdown on Islamic extremism will not cause attacks on Muslims

The Spectator, by Douglas Murray, 5 December 2013

“Hallelujah, vaguely. The Prime Minister’s extremism task force set up in the wake of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby has just reported and its findings, ‘Tackling Extremism in the UK’ include thefollowing admission: ‘We have been too reticent about challenging extreme Islamist ideologies in the past, in part because of a misplaced concern that attacking Islamist extremism equates to an attack on Islam itself. This reticence, and the failure to confront extremists, has led to an environment conducive to radicalisation in some mosques and Islamic centres, universities and prisons.’ Who could possibly remain opposed to such prevailing common sense?…”

6. Wilders to Pope Francis: Contrasts Papal Ecumenism, With Jew/Infidel-Hatred of Current Sunni Pope Al-Tayeb

Andrew Bostom, by Andrew Bostom, December 6th, 2013

“In a blog yesterday (12/5/13), I analyzed recent statements and actions by the two most recent Catholic Popes, Benedict XVI, and his successor, the current Pope, Francis. I further contrasted their ecumenical words and deeds with the overt, canonical Jew-hatred espoused by their Sunni Muslim counterparts, Al Azhar University Grand Imam Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi (d. March, 2010), and his successor, the current Grand Imam of Al Azhar University, Ahmad al-Tayeb. My conclusions are reproduced…”

7. The Islamic Jihad on Christian Nuns

Front Page Mag, by Raymond Ibrahim, December 6, 2013

“Yet another phenomenon with a long paper trail in Islamic history has just taken place, even as the Western “mainstream”—little acquainted with true history or reality—dismisses it as an aberration. Asia News has the details: Islamist rebels have kidnapped a group of nuns from the Greek Orthodox monastery of St Thecla (Mar Taqla) in Maaloula [an ancient Christian community where Christians were earlier forced to convert to Islam or die]… “Armed men burst in the monastery of St Thecla in Maaloula this afternoon [Dec. 2]. From there, they forcibly took 12 women religious,” Mgr Zenari said …. Neither the nuncio nor the Greek Orthodox Church know [the] reason behind the kidnapping…”

8. ‘Merry Christmas’ from the Religion of ‘Peace’

Cherson and Molschky, by Paul Wilkinson, December 10, 2013

“There is an ongoing ruthless de-Christianisation of British society by the elitists advocating multiculturalism and hell-bent on destroying their own culture, identity and heritage, while desperately not wanting to ‘offend’ anybody else’s feelings or beliefs. However this aggressive ‘secularism’ is not just an attack on Christianity, but an assault on the Judeo-Christian values that makes our society what it is.

Multiculturalists have been stripping the nation of a spiritual soul and suppressing Christianity, the religion of the majority. This leaves a vacuum that actively encourages other religions to flourish, which would be fine in and of itself, but the predator of Islam needs no invitation to mount an attack…”

9. Jihadist Murder MO, by Dawn Perlmutter, December 6, 2013

“The murder trial of British soldier Lee Rigby, 25, the father of one, a member of the Corps of Drums with the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Fusilier and a veteran of the Afghan War, is underway in London. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are on trial charged with murdering Rigby as he walked back to Woolwich Barracks in southeast London on May 22, 2013. Adebolajo and Adebowale, both British citizens, drove a car straight at Rigby in broad daylight as he walked across the road, hitting him from behind and then repeatedly stabbing him with a meat cleaver and knives in front of a crowd of bystanders. Fusilier Rigby died of multiple stab wounds. Instead of fleeing the scene, Adebolajo gave interviews to the crowd while holding the murder weapon in his bloody hands. He wanted to make it clear that the Islamic motivation for the attack was known…”

10. Sharia’s War on Music

Front Page Mag, by Jane Bate and Kelly Cook, December 6, 2013

“We can all point to things that brighten our day, but as diverse as those lists may be, music, of one sort or another, finds its way onto most people’s lists. Alarmingly, any engagement in music is becoming illegal in some corners of the globe, and the ideology behind this snuffing out of a beautiful art form threatens to affect the rest of the world as well. We are referring to Islamic Sharia law…”

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