Take your “international obligations” and shove them, professor Triggs

“We are not here to give effect to government policy as such, we are here to monitor compliance by Australia with its international obligations to human rights,” Professor Triggs said.

No. You are not  in a position to impose sharia law on the Australian people, professor Triggs.


Human Rights Commission denies freedom commissioner freedom to speak

The president of the Human Rights Commission says new freedom commissioner Tim Wilson, who plans to campaign for free speech, is actually not permitted to speak out unless she and her fellow commissioners agree.

The Left exposed: enemies of free speech, inciters of hate

Tim Wilson supports free speech.

Cue the vicious hate.

And cue a signature of the modern Left - a collective effort to abuse and cow him with a Hate Tim Wilson Day:

A day to denounce, fling hate at, and generally express our contempt for Tim Wilson, the new freedom commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Note another hallmark of the Left – the hypocrisy. This mass hatred is organised by someone whose job is to promote tolerance:

Timothy James Scrivens

Vice President, chair of education committee and Disability equity officer. at Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

No honour. No shame.

What a buch of dipshits:

Tim Blair cleaned up some of their droppings:


2 thoughts on “Take your “international obligations” and shove them, professor Triggs”

  1. Triggs should be removed to places like West Papua, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Maldives, Qatar, Kosovo, etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, she is a sign of things to come. Globalization or the colonization of the west is moving full speed ahead.

  2. Exactly, steiner.

    Islam and Socialism combined heralds the downfall of Western civilization. The world will end up as one enormous cesspit, middle eastern style.

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