The Arab Spring is Not Dead, It Just Smells Funny

‘Revolution by the people, for the people’

The Arab Spring is very much alive despite attempts to sabotage it.

Delusional Stuff: Dr Larbi Sadiki is a specialist in Arab democratisation, revolution and transitions, and has been an academic at Australian National University, Exeter University, Westminster University and Qatar University.



At least 23 Obama supported MuBro’s arrested and one student killed as US secretary of state voices concern over government actions.

Egyptian authorities have arrested 23 Muslim Brotherhood supporters on accusations of belonging to a terrorist organisation, a day after the country’s interim government blacklisted the group.


Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group  (FrontPage)

Why won’t the United States do the same?

AP: Egypt’s Government Calling Muslim Brotherhood ‘Terrorists’ Is a ‘Dramatic Escalation’

It seems that Associated Press reporter Maggie Michael and Sarah El Deeb, her partner in distortion, can hardly believe that Egypt’s military-backed government is calling terrorists “terrorists.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. Even if one believes, as Michael asserts, that “The Brotherhood, founded in 1928, denounced violence in the late 1970s,” that alleged repudiation was rendered null and void after hard-line Islamist Mohammed Morsi, who lost his legitimacy when he took dictatorial powers in November of last year, was ousted from power in July. After that, the Brotherhood, as I noted at the time, with evidence, “rededicated itself to terrorism.” Egypt’s government is recognizing the obvious, and the in three process thumbing its nose at the Obama administration, which as far as I can tell has never backed away from its position that the Brotherhood should have a role in Egypt’s government. Read More

Commies of the world, unite!

MSNBC’s Reid Bashes Palin for Having a Christmas Tree…on Christmas!

It turns out demanding that someone defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth wasn’t the final frontier for MSNBC’s vileness after all. On the Red Ed Show, guest hostess Joy Reid egged on a Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson to spew this

TROP offerings:

Obama Officials to Israel:

Silent Night Silenced

Georgia Veterans Hospital Bans Christmas Carolers From Singing Religious Songs

 – Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center bans religious songs. (GWP)
A Georgia VA Medical Center banned Christmas carolers this year from singing religious songs.

Bethlehem Under Palestinian Authority  (Jerusalem Summit)

A few quick statistics on how Christians are faring under Palestinian rule.

Be prepared:

Prepare ‘Bug-Out Bag’: Wall Street Advisor Recommends Guns, Ammo For Protection In Upcoming Obama-Driven Collapse

They won’t stop until we stop them:

Islamofascism: An influential bloc of 57 Muslim countries demands that the West make it an international crime to criticize Islam.

Then stop making it such an easy target.

In its 94-page document on “Islamophobia,” the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation lists as potential felonies: expressing “ideas that Muslims are inclined to violence” and “Islam is an inherently expansionist religion.”

Under those standards, however, the OIC would have to indict itself. Its charter espouses violent jihad and the global implementation of Shariah law.  Read More At Investor’s Business Daily

Mark Steyn:  There’s a heartlessness about Obama

Filling in for conservative talker Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, columnist Mark Steyn reacted to a video released by As-Sahab of government contractor Warren Weinsteinpleading for the Obama administration to negotiate for his release.

weinstein27n-1-web-290x230“This guy says he feels, quote, ‘Totally abandoned and forgotten,'” Steyn said. “That’s because he is totally abandoned and forgotten.

There’s a heartlessness about Obama that was reflected on the night of Benghazi when he took off and went to his big campaign event in Vegas and by all accounts this is why they’re being so vague about letting us have the actual record of what happened that night. He wasn’t even sufficiently interested in what ‘his good friend Chris,’ Ambassador Stevens, as he is more formally know, but his good friend Chris, Chris this, Chris that, as he said over the guy’s body, when they returned him, what was left of him back at Andrews Air Force Base, he wasn’t that interested in the fate of Chris, nor was Secretary [of State Hillary] Clinton to inquire about him.”

The Hildebeast and Ovomit also did not hesitate to lie like Persian rugs about “their good friend Chris Stevens”, either. They lied about what they knew and when they knew it. They lied about the cause of the terrorist attack, and as a result of their lies and coverups an innocent amateur filmmaker spent time in jail. They lied about virtually everything having to do with the attack on our fellow Americans in Benghazi.

Now, they are ignoring the plight of this poor American man stuck in Pakistan, like they ignored the plight of American Christian Pastor Saeed and Christian Pastor Youssef in the hellish Iranian prisons. They just could not care less. I am so disgusted with the lot of them. I will continue to pray for my fellow Americans and fellow Christians held captive in hellish Islamic countries.