The Boston Globe Blames mental illness, not Islam for Boston terror attack

Mentally illness?

But of course! That’s what Islam does to people, it turns them into psychopaths and killer zombies. But if you say there are 1.5 gazillion muselmanic headchoppers waiting to blow us up you will be called a racist-bigot-Islamophobe:

Boston Globe Shamelessly Tries to Claim Tsarnaev Terrorists Were Mentally Ill


 FrontPage Magazine (Daniel Greenfield)

“The brothers were heirs to a pattern of violence and dysfunction running back several generations”

Two mentally ill brothers. Quite a coincidence. Much like their murder of three Jewish men on September 11. And all those Jihadist videos. Pay no attention to that stuff because family and a Muslim “friend” of the older Tsarnaev brother claims he was hearing voices.


I’m not even going to link to this crap though you’ll see the narrative all over the place. It’s one of those “in-depth” investigation by the Boston Globe which goes right past the actual motive to a motive that has nothing to do with Islam.

Federal investigators have suspected that Tamerlan, the 26-year-old boxer from southern Russia who is believed, along with his brother, to have set off the deadly Boston Marathon bombs in April, was motivated, if not deliberately directed, by real life jihadist revolutionaries on the other side of the globe. But an investigation by the Boston Globe suggests that Tamerlan was in the perilous grip of someone far more menacing: himself.

Sure. He took the bomb from an Al Qaeda mag, watched Al Qaeda videos, showed up on terror lists in Russia and his brother gave all the usual Islamic terrorist reasons, but the real story is so much more menacing… he was mentally ill.

The Globe’s five-month investigation…

Establishes that the brothers were heirs to a pattern of violence and dysfunction running back several generations. Their father, Anzor, scarred by brutal assaults in Russia and later in Boston, often awoke screaming and tearful at night

Casts doubt on the claim by Russian security officials that Tamerlan made contact with or was recruited by Islamist radicals during his visit to his family homeland.

Fundamentally recasts the conventional public understanding of the brothers, showing them to be much more nearly coequals in failure, in growing desperation, and in conspiracy.

This is like a cartoon of a cartoon of liberalism. No Islamic terrorism to see here. Just a family legacy of night terrors, which for some reason expressed itself in bombing the Boston Marathon.

But it’s nice of the Boston Globe to lay out its ideological objectives so blatantly. And these are to turn the Tsarnaevs from murderers into victims.

Long before the bombs ripped through Boylston Street, all six members of the Tsarnaev family had encounters with local police, some of them repeatedly.

And yet they were kept in this country…

If the truth is that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his rangy teenage brother acted out of private motives, reinforced by the fervent entreaties of the Muslim militants whose voices and images boiled on their computer screen, they would join the ranks of homegrown murderers such as the Colorado movie theater shooter and the Oklahoma City bombers.

Sure. Nothing is as homegrown as a family from a Muslim country killing Americans in the name of Islam.

Tamerlan, some times accompanied by Jahar, occasionally attended the Friday service at the Islamic Society of Boston’s small blue and silver mosque, a short walk from their house. Some neighbors recall Zubeidat, clad in dark hijab, sternly leading her daughters there.

The Islamic Society of Boston has numerous terror ties, but no need to follow up on that… let’s hear more about their night terrors.

Adamant that the girls marry men of their own religion and heritage, Anzor ordered Tamerlan to intervene and bring Bella’s relationship to an end. Tamerlan obliged with a neat right hook to the other student’s face, according to several sources, for which he was suspended from school for one week.

Again, I blame mental illness. Not Islam.

Elmirza Khozhugov, a relative of one of Anzor’s brothers and a native of Kazakhstan, became Ailina’s husband. She was 16. It was time.

The marriage lasted barely more than a year. On a spring morning in 2008, a sobbing Ailina stood barefoot in the rain outside of her apartment in Bellingham, Wash., begging passersby for a cell phone so that she could call the police to report that her husband had tried to strangle her, according to court records. Khozhugov pleaded guilty to assault, and the marriage was clearly over.

Again. Nothing to do with Islam.

Agitated by it all, Anzor developed an increasing array of health problems. His stomach hurt constantly. His head pounded. He tried acupuncture and consulted with a Chinese herbalist.

It’s great that the Boston Globe has time to detail Anzor’s tummy aches,  but no time to delve into the Islamic Society of Boston.

Gotta focus on what’s important.

 A gifted athlete and sought-after sparring partner, Tamerlan was unorthodox in several respects. He was flamboyant, occasionally doing handstands and cartwheels in the ring. Sometimes he showed up with his keyboard and performed an elegant sonata. Although he did not discuss his Muslim faith with the other boxers, at times he quietly placed a small mat on the floor and prayed.

One of Tamerlan’s closest friends around this time was a fellow Cambridge resident and Rindge graduate named Brendan Mess, with whom he often smoked marijuana and trained at Wai Kru. Tamerlan often hung out with a group of friends at Mess’s home. One of those who sometimes joined the group recalls Tamerlan talking about conspiracy politics, once referring to “ ‘the 9/11 setup by the American government.’ He said it had nothing to do with terrorists.”

No one thought much about it at the time.

Again… nothing to do with Islam. No need to discuss how Brendan Mess gets murdered on September 11. This is an in-depth investigation of the medical problems of the Tsarnaev clan.

Zubeidat decided to act. She headed first for Tamerlan, Koran in her hand. Together, the two of them began reading the sacred Islamic text. Tamerlan eventually gave up drinking alcohol, although he continued to smoke marijuana regularly. He also began poring over Islamic websites and began to moralize with his brother. When Jahar announced he was going out, Tamerlan was often on his case, insisting that he stop drinking and come home early.

Although Jahar could stand up to his brother, whom he often found overbearing and annoying, he nonetheless began to show some curiosity about the faith as well. For a time, he attended a Muslim prayer group at Rindge. But he had his limits. While he observed Ramadan and fasted, he continued to smoke marijuana during that month of religious observance even though it was forbidden to do so. Jahar, as one of his friend’s explained it, “was serious about religion, but he was also trying to have a good time.”

Zubeidat’s embrace of Islam was more visible than either of her sons’. Gradually, she put aside her designer dresses and high-heeled shoes and began to wear loose dark clothing and a hijab. At the Essencia Day Spa, the tony Belmont salon where she worked doing skin care, Zubeidat began refusing to do waxes or to do facials on men. Eventually, the spa owner tired of her religiosity and let her go.

By the time Uncle Ruslan — Anzor’s brother, who had emigrated earlier and was now living in Maryland — showed up for a visit at the end of 2008 he was horrified to find his nieces and nephews deep in prayer, while his brother’s angry objections about their religiosity went completely ignored.

Again. Clearly a case of mental illness.

In July, Cambridge police got a 911 call from his girlfriend, Nadine Ascencao, saying that he had beaten her up. When police arrived at the Norfolk Street house, Tamerlan admitted that he had slapped her, according to the police report.

No mention of Nadine’s statement about how Tamerlan had forced her to memorize Koran verses.

Raised a Catholic, Katie was already questioning her faith in light of the clergy sex abuse scandals; Tamerlan’s Muslim convictions intrigued her.

All the Tsarnaevs were pleased when Katie agreed to convert to Islam and take the name “Karima.” In June of 2010, the couple was quietly married in a brief ceremony at the Masjid Al-Qur’aan mosque in Dorchester.

Katie and Tamerlan soon settled into a routine; Katie supported the family with her work as a home health aide, while Tamerlan took care of their daughter at home. In his spare time, he often went to the Cambridge mosque.

After all that time living off American taxpayers, they found an American to live off.

Tamerlan apparently posted on his Facebook page a link from an online Chechen news agency to an article claiming that the US leadership was in an “all out war against Islam” and calling upon Muslims to fight against America, according to “Veterans Today,” an online military journal.

Veterans Today is a radical left-wing conspiracy site. It’s certainly not an online military journal. But we can’t expect the Boston Globe to take too much time from Anzor’s stomachaches to pay attention to what they’re citing.

 Tamerlan fell in with members of the Union of the Just, a group that campaigns against human rights violations against Muslims, and is led by a third cousin on his mother’s side, Magomed Kartashov. Some of its members follow a strict interpretation of Islam, and believe in the establishment of an Islamic caliphate governed by sharia religious law that would span the Caucasus. They are sharply critical of US interventions in Muslim countries, believe the US government condones the burning of Korans, and have had run-ins with Russian authorities — but they do not openly espouse violence. Tamerlan, they say, arrived with a lot of questions about Islam and wanted to learn how to better express his faith.

It must have been one of those groups that non-violently follows an Islam that calls for cutting the hands off thieves and believes in building a vast Islamic empire… non-violently.

Tamerlan also began praying at a mosque attended by Salafi Muslims, a strict, orthodox Sunni sect whose members, authorities believe, often aid the armed insurgency.

There, Russian authorities say, he met with members of the insurgency.

Again, mental illness.

On his return to Cambridge that summer, Tamerlan had visibly changed. His face was covered by a thick beard. Gone were the silver boots and trademark fur hat, replaced by dark clothing and a white prayer cap worn by Muslims. His prayers in the corner of the Wai Kru gym, which once took minutes, now lasted up to half an hour. His visits to the gym were rare.

“When he came back he had really dialed up the religion thing,” recalled his Wai Kru training partner, who declined to be identified. “The days of joking about his appearance, the Eurotrash, that kid was gone. In his place was a quite intense individual, one very focused on the heavy bag.”

It’s the voices in his head.

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  1. If I recall correctly, the Soviets got hurt feelings when people “slandered” their perfect State and system, and defined them as being mentally ill for doing so. Only “mentally ill” people, or those with a “phobia” of islam dare question the perfection of islam and its false prophet now … islam is peace, and its “god” and “prophet” are not to be questioned.

  2. The “history of mental illness” usually manifests about the time the muzz is arrested, accompanied by “we never knew him”, “he was a good boy”, and “we are shocked” – not always in that order.

  3. Australia’s State-run, tax payer funded media, ABC TV was far more “generous” quasily “approved” of these muslim killings by describing the bombing victims as “merely rich white folk”. (Virginia Trioli on ABC TV 24, Breakfast News, the day after the bombings). Mental illness?

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