The O-Coup Unfolds: New Executive Order Gives Obama Unlimited Power

“Fundamental Transformation”

Obama signed a new executive order on Friday that gives him and the federal government unlimited power over all fossil fuels, land, water, air space.


Through the guise of dealing with global warming, the new order can be used to justify any action against you, from preventing you to make changes to your property to any activity that could possibly increase greenhouse gasses.

Executive orders are unconstitutional in the first place by creating laws outside the legislative process.

This is ‘in your face’ totalitarianism!

The Great Pretender

With every passing day, the Great Pretender looks more like a clown:

The egg isn’t on Obama’s face. It’s on the faces of the media moonbats who hyped a two-bit Marxist community organizer into the White House because they liked his skin color, his African communist/sleazy hippy pedigree, and his Muslim name — and on the faces of those who bought into it.  (Moonbattery)

Obama’s disdain for Constitution threatens our Republic

Allen West

Every now and then someone says it so well, it just needs to be read as is. So it is with this piece written by M. Northrup Buechner, Associate Professor of Economics at St. John’s University in New York, as featured in Forbes Magazine.

Finally, what we have all been witnessing and addressing is drawing the attention of the financial elites who read the pages of this prestigious magazine. It is my hope that Dr. Buechner retains his position at St. John’s University because the lawless Barack Obama will unleash his hounds to destroy him.

Let this be a message to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and all Republicans. Take heed, the future of our Constitutional Republic lies in your hands — and cowardice and failure are not an option.

Here’s a small excerpt:

The shocking fact is that our whole system of representative government depends on it being led by an individual who believes in it; who thinks it is valuable; who believes that a government dedicated to the protection of individual rights is a noble ideal. What if he does not?

Mr. Obama is moving our government away from its traditional system of checks and balances and toward the one-man-rule that dominates third world countries. He has said that he wants a fair country—implying that, as it stands, the United States is not a fair country—an unprecedented calumny committed against a country by its own leader.

What country does he think is more fair than the United States? He has three long years left in which to turn us into a fair country. Where does he intend to take us?

Please take a moment to read the full article here.

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If Obama doesn’t have Israel’s back, why do American Jews have Obama’s?

During Hanukkah, the American Jewish community remembers the victory of the Maccabean army led by Judah Maccabee against the invading Hellenic army, the restoration of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil in the 2nd century BC.

I don’t think President Obama cares much for Jewish history but he probably should, especially before calling PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a phone call between Obama and Netanyahu last week, the president reportedly asked Netanyahu “to take a breather from his clamorous criticism” of the interim agreement reached with Iran, David Ignatius reported for the Washington Post Wednesday.

Obama called Netanyahu last Sunday to discuss the interim deal reached with Iran – a deal the prime minister called a “historic mistake.” After Netanyahu reportedly “rebuked” Obama over the interim deal, he told Obama that the permanent accord “must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” the article said.

First of all I would recommend our man-child president not take on someone with a warrior’s heart in the vein of the Maccabees, who is a former Airborne Commando in the Israeli Defense Force.

I find it astounding, if not humorous, that a skinny community organizer would try to intimidate a combat veteran and true leader who lives under constant threat in a country regularly rocketed and bombed — sorry but I just had a very funny vision of Obama as Mini-me trying to scare PM Netanyahu.

According to The Times of Israel, at a Hanukkah candle-lighting celebration at the Western Wall Thursday evening, Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel will act alone, if necessary, to ensure Iran never develops nuclear weapons. “We came to drive out the darkness, and the largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran,” Netanyahu said, “We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible we will do this diplomatically, if not we will act as ‘a light unto the nations.’”

If I were the Iranians, I would take heed of the words of PM Netanyahu. The Iranians certainly recall that Israel will indeed take matters into their own hands, as a sovereign state. Everyone in the Middle East remembers the Israeli airstrikes against Iraq and Syria. Imagine how different the Middle East would have been, especially in the case of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, if Israel had not taken that action.

However, here is my strategic assessment. Israel can clearly undertake a strike against Iran, but for the first time since the rebirth of the modern day Jewish State of Israel, the relationship and support from America is in question.

There can be no doubt that the progressive socialists are some of the most vocal anti-semites — if you question that, just visit a US college campus.

Israel would require some operational logistics and intelligence support from the United States, and I would not put it past the Islamist-centric President Obama to withhold such support. Furthermore, it is the “day after” which should mainly concern Israel. Will the United States back their play and have their backs?

This career soldier and former Paratrooper thinks not, and that is a major concern for PM Netanyahu — to a point. Since his rise to power, President Obama has effectively destabilized the neighborhood in which Israel resides, and not by incompetence, but by intention.

Yet the American Jewish community blindly followed this mastermind of disaster, not once but twice. And don’t forget, Hillary and Bill Clinton entertained Yasser Arafat in the White House. The question is, now that Obama doesn’t need the Jewish community for another election, will they awaken from their misguided politically-driven stupor?