The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and now The New York Post discover the “NEW” global Jihad

Pamela Geller:

The Wall Stret Journal, The New York Times and now The New York Post are finally reporting on the war on non-Muslims in Muslim countries. The very thing they have attacked my colleagues and me for reporting on for years. I am sure they are penning their apologies as we speak. Not.

The headline is wrong. It’s not a new war, it’s 1,400 years old. And “islamist” is a silly word for people afraid to say jihad or Islam.

Of course, it’s not just Christians but all non-believers and secular Muslims.


Muslims v. Christians in Islamists’ new war Benny Avni, New York Post, December 27, 2013

Israel Hit by Rocket Attacks from Lebanon

The jihad in Syria widens and escalates. These rocket attacks against Israel will garner little press and even less attention from the ‘international community’. But as soon as Israel responds (and I hope they pound back) there will be howls and resolutions against the tiny Jewish state.

Rockets were fired this morning from Lebanon at Israel. The attack is an inexcusable and blatant violation of Israel’s sovereignty. IDF blog, December 29, 2013–Continue reading “Israel Hit by Rocket Attacks from Lebanon” »

John Bolton writes on the global meltdown in the wake of Obama’s disastrous foreign policies. It’s the biggest story not being reported.

But it’s not just that America is absent, but that Obama supports the jihadist force.   “As Obama dithers, North Africa unravels,” By John Bolton, NY Daily News

Disengagement is having dangerous consequences– Continue reading “”Where is America?”” »

3 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and now The New York Post discover the “NEW” global Jihad”

  1. Here in blighty the media did do a fleeting article of Christians being attacked by moslems but that was soon pushed to the archives to make room for a more important piece i:e a christmas lights contest.To read news such as this you have to scour the net as the worldwide media agenda is to NOT print these news items.

  2. The Left is discovering the jihad. As they are in control of the media and the universities, they will take credit for this discovery and seek to manage it in their way. It will be intersting to see what “solutions” these pacifist/feminist/anti-racist/anti-West twits come up with.
    NB: They secretly admire the jihadists for using the violence they themselves are ideologically not permitted.

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