Vast Majority of Australians Think Islam and Terrorism are Related

The lame stream media doesn’t want to touch it. Globull worming, homo marriage and Abbott Abbott Abbott are far more important:

Vast Majority of Australians Think Islam and Terrorism are Related


Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In The Point 

I wonder what gave them that idea. Might have been all the bombings. Or the children holding beheading signs. But the Q Society, a pro-Democratic, Anti-Islamic Theocracy organization, conducted a revealing poll.

According to a recent Morgan poll conducted on behalf of Q Society of Australia Inc., the majority of Australians are clearly concerned about Islam and 70% believe Australia is not a better place because of Islam. The survey, completed in late October, found a majority (53 per cent) of Australians want full face coverings banned from public spaces and 50.2 per cent want Islamic sharia law banned all together.

Notably only 15 per cent of Australians think Islam and terrorism are not related. Multicultural advocates seeking to cancel Christmas, Easter or ANZAC Day celebrations in their quest to not offend other cultures should take note that 96.5 per cent of the population disagree.

Q Society spokesman Mr Andrew Horwood said the poll results validate the need for new strategies and policies. While followers of most religions seem to get along well, Australian politicians must acknowledge Islam is not just another religion and the growing concern is not a fringe issue.

Q Society offers a proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding, written by former Muslim scholar and sharia expert Sam Solomon as a starting point for developing strategies and policies.

You can find a copy of the charter here. Meanwhile the numbers are ominous for Oz.

In 2011, the Pew Research Centre forecast that Australia’s Islamic population would grow nearly five times faster than the rest of Australia and reach 714,000 in 2030.

There was only one small problem with that assessment. Actually, it was a big problem.

It assumed in January 2011 that Australia’s Islamic population was 400,000. When census sheets were filled out across the nation in November that year, 476,000 ticked the box that belonged to Allah and his prophet of unpeace.

That was an increase of 140,000 in five years. There are three and bit more five year lots between now and 2030, so if you assume that each of them sees the same-sized Islamic increase, then that means there will be 940,000 Muslims in Australia in 17 years time.

Remember, despite the size of its territory, Australia only has a population of 22 million. And that means overwhelming it won’t take too long.

Almost 10 million migrants over the next 50 years will swell Australia’s population to more than 40 million by 2060 and more than 50 million by 2100, under dramatically higher new projections by the Bureau of Statistics.

The projections, the first for five years, envisage tens of millions more people crowding into Australia’s capital cities over the next 50 years, overwhelmingly due to migration.

The high projections envisage an Australia of 42 million people by 2050 and 70 million by 2100.

And most of those “people” would actually be Muslim immigrants.

1. Morgan Poll: 70% of Aussies say Australia is not becoming a better place because of Islam…

Winds of Jihad, by sheikyermami, November 25, 2013

“Australia, from the Roy Morgan Research Ltd in October 2013 and reported today:

38 percent: a growing Islamic population and Islamic immigration are bad for Australia

44 percent: strong, clear link between Islam and terrorism

50 per cent want the Shari’a banned

53 percent: ban the burqa from public spaces

57 percent: Concerned about Islam in the world today

70 percent: Australia is not becoming a better place because of Islam…”