A Guardian "Style Guide" to Make Judea and Samaria Judenrein

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The Guardian says only Jews can be considered settlers (EoZ)


 CiFWatch looked at The Guardian’s style guide and found this:

Israeli Arabs who live – or move – into neighborhoods across the Green Line cannot be considered settlers –only Jews can!

And there are, indeed, Israeli Arabs who live across the Green Line – including many who moved there from other parts of Israel!

Only Jews can be “illegal settlers.” Only Jews must be evicted from their homes en masse. Only Jews can violate international law. Which is pretty much the definition of antisemitism.

We’ve seen this type of double standard before. In 2012, Israel announced new building on the other side of the Green Line – but only the Jewish neighborhoods were condemned by the EU, not the Arab neighborhoods being built by Israel at the exact same time.

However, this definition makes this racist double standard official.

Judea and Samaria must be Judenrein, in the conventional wisdom of the enlightened West,and the people who hate the idea of Jews having  rights to live there won’t let little things like double standards and antisemitism stop them.

In the case of the Guardian, the antisemitism is there for everyone to see, in black and white.

It’s the latest “style.”

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