Andy Chaudary ready to kill and die for allah….but not when it rains

Sharia postponed:

Rain, rain go away; Anjem Choudary won’t come out to play

By Esmerelda Weatherwax

Watching Muslims disagreeing with Muslims was illuminating, and hearing a fellow Muslim telling Anjem to get a job and a pair of trousers, not necessarily in that order was priceless. However since hearing of Anjem’s role in influencing and mentoring the murders of Lee Rigby, not to mention numerous young men who have gone to Syria and elsewhere for the cause of jihad it was felt that he could not be allowed to preach his anti-democracy, anti freedom rhetoric on the streets of London a second time.

edgware road 030a

This was an operation notable for unity. EDL, March for England, the Casuals and SEA organised small to medium sized groups to meet at various points in and around Marble Arch, the Royal Parks, Edgware Road etc. Depending on the route the Sharia Project demo took, one group was ready to meet them and stop them head on, other groups were prepared for flanking and pincer movements.

Members of the Britain First party also arrived independently of their own volition.

And then the rain came. And Choudary cancelled the demo. 

2 thoughts on “Andy Chaudary ready to kill and die for allah….but not when it rains”

  1. Thanks for this, I’ve shared it. The BBC’s pet Islamic hater prefers tv studios than London rain!

    This is a great example of peacefully challenging these nutters.

    The uttered word

  2. Anjem Choudary, the most despicable welfare queen on the Earth. May he be run over and squashed by one of those cute red double-decker buses.

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