No Church Bells For Jamal

Comedy Gold!

The SOB blew himself up by mishandling his own explosives!

628x471Pal “ambassador” to the Czech Republic Jamal Al Jamal

Pali “ambassador” to Prague killed in explosion

Czech media report Palestinian representative in country was killed after opening old safe transferred to his Prague residence. Local police rule out attack, say incident was accident.  Czech police said on Wednesday there was no evidence an explosion that killed the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic was an attack.

The title of a “Palestinian Ambassador” is preposterous and absurd.  It legitimises Muselmanic thuggery. “Palestine” (Hamas & Fatah) is not a country but two terror organisations sworn to destroy Israel. These lunatics should be laughed out of town, wherever they are.

IDF smokes 27 Pali terrorists in 2013, leftist NGO’s  whine about “accountability”

Israeli forces killed 27 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2013, a human rights watchdog has said, three times the figure recorded last year.

It was also the first time in 10 years more Palestinians were killed in the West Bank than in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians in 2013, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said.  Three Israeli security forces personnel were killed – two in the West Bank and one in Gaza, the group added in a statement on Monday. (Y-Net)

Church Bell Jihad in France

How can a Muslim…… who lives near a cathedral, put up with the ringing of the bells every Sunday, while nothing is being done to stop this loud and ostentatious intrusion of religion in public space?

 How can you put up with the processions that take place under the eyes of passers-by, religious demonstrations on public streets in Lourdes, over-flow crowds during the Mardi Gras, funeral services transmitted over loud speakers outside of the churches, in the presence of the authorities, etc… Gallia Watch

Note: The above is a violent attack by a Muslim residing in a Catholic country, and points clearly to what France’s fate will be if Islam is not removed from French territory.

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  1. One less parasite on our planet. Such a shame that beautiful Prague has to suffer the presence of these islamic scum.

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