Far Left (Green) Dyke Penny Wong Demands Australia's Surrender


Labor Green Loon Australian Senator supports Indonesian demands Australia cease defending it’s borders and The Gifts of Multiculturalism

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3 thoughts on “Far Left (Green) Dyke Penny Wong Demands Australia's Surrender”

  1. Can’t stand this person.

    So tell me, if she’s been a lezzo all her life, does that technically make her a virgin?

    Sorry to gross you all out…

  2. Why doesn’t the oz government just set up a telephone hotline for ‘refugees’, to be called with mobiles from ‘the boats’? That would most definitely break the spirit of even the most determined ‘refugee’. Suggestions for suitable voice menus invited…

  3. Off to Indonesia ya go then Penny
    But don’t expect Indonesia to be NICE to ya once ya get there!

    And ya can’t come back to NOT-ISLAM Australia!
    You could possibly be rescued after Indonesia has been “ridden” of the parasitic-muslim Islamic menace.

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