Happy Australia Day!

Its no longer about Australia, its about “Celebrating Diversity”

Is it still politically correct to celebrate Australia Day? Is it not “racist” to fly the flag? Are we not ‘racist-redneck-hicks’ who offend our cultural enrichers by flying the flag, by showing national pride?


Perhaps we should call it ‘self-flaggellating day’ or ‘bleeding hearts day’.  The way “our” treasonous ABC pushes the bleeding hearts BS is revolting. Who needs James Cook when you got Aboriginal grievance theatre? Who needs history when  you got “stolen generations?”

Switching on the ABC channel this morning I was inundated with  phoney claims of “racism”, guilt mongering and endless demands for “change” blah blah…. this kind of stuff is hard on the brain. Perhaps we should commit mass suicide, like the Jim Jones cult in Guyana. Being lectured by ‘Butthead’ Shorten  who acts as if he was PM doesn’t help.

“National Suicide Day”, how would you like this  for a change?


Ballplayer becomes ‘Australian of the Year’ because a 13-year old girl called him “APE”

Man honored after yelling at 13-year-old girl


Adam Goodes is Australian of the Year (Andrew bolt)

Heritage Building Vandalised-  (we should be ashamed of our heritage)

Already we have lunatics out defiling heritage buildings, (James Cooks cottage) incited by relentless guilt mongering. If you don’t like what political correctness hysteria is doing to us, get organised. Join the people who defend your interests rather than selling out.

4 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day!”

  1. Watching Adam Goodes’ speech last night was sickening. We have a heavy-duty “year of the minority” coming up, with all “minorities” whingeing non-stop and crowing about their superiority to the vile, hideous, undeserving “majority”.
    Abbott’s mob picked this bloke? Dear me.

  2. Such is life ….
    They (Yes THEM – AGAIN !!!!) reverse reality – AGAIN !!!!
    The COWARDLY (is he also another Mundine “Sportsman Convert” to Islam now ????) big sooky verbal child abuser (Adam Goodes) is honored with what has become – The NOW Irrelevant Award – Australian of the Year.

    In reality – IF HE WERE A MAN who was guided by his OWN inner voice (instead of THEM) – He would be to ashamed to show his face in public – until HE publicly apologised – to the 13 year old girl – for HIS RACIST behaviour !

    But ‘THEM’ throw a public party for themselves AND Mr. Goodes.
    – NOT FUNNY ‘Tony’.

  3. Happy Australia Day !
    IREA is cloaked in OUR patriotic colours to organize another Major Dawah Sweep for both Brothers & Sisters in Melbourne CBD on 26 Jan – AUSTRALIA DAY i.e. Sunday Inshallah.

    Australia DAY STREET DAWAH details
    Date: Sun 26Jan
    Time: 10am-3pm
    Venue: 2 locations,
    1) Flinders st Station (cnr flinders & swanston st)
    2) Bourke st Mall (cnr Bourke & swanston st)

    For queries:
    Brs: 0425 886 949
    Srs: 0433 324 256


  4. There is another way to give two fingers to the Left and it is purchase where you can, heritage or preservation memberships and even to
    local historical societies to protect and preserve Australia’s historic buildings and culture. The left hate anything that reminds them of our Colonial/Imperial ways, as they see it.

    During, the Blair years in the UK, Labour did much to dismantle British culture, that is barely ever acknowledged.

    1.) They did massive cuts to English Heritage, the governments preservation arm. Closed buildings and let go of a lot of knowledgeable (Specialist) people.

    2.)Had a minister of culture who refused to visit Museums and historical sites.

    3.)Lost billions of tax payers money to a worthless modernization scheme, that was allegedly supposed to improve the lives of thousands of British citizens, through John Prescott’s failed Path Finder Scheme, that was later abandoned. After the government forced thousands of people out of Victorian homes where they had been living happily for decades. In the end, all it did was distress a lot of people, especially the elderly and destroyed a plethora of Victorian (read: Capitalist) architecture.

    It was really designed to erase from the landscape and memory, what Labour saw as symbolic representation of cruel Victorian capitalism in the form of Victorian row houses or workers cottages.

    And lastly, the one, that is significant, that no one really mentions is the redesigning of the British coinage without the Queen’s image on them in 2008.

    Here is a link to one of Australia’s preservation groups.


    and I found this link that has a ton of groups and society all seeking to preserve Australian culture, and I can assure you, that the vast majority of these organizations have teams of volunteers aiding them in the organizations goal of saving/preserving the history and cultural objects of Australia.


    Fight back against the Cultural destroyers.

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