Indonesia's Hypocrisy and the Worship of Creatures That Devour Us

Commie bastards proven wrong again:

Labor subversives  & their propaganda arm, the taxpayer funded ABC, is denied its “konfrontasi”:

THE Indonesian navy has added three small warships to its southern patrols, with Jakarta declaring they are there to intercept people-smuggling boats, not to deter Australian incursions.

So that is what has been achieved after all the ABC’s good work in telling Indonesia we’re nasty, spying torturers, led by an insensitive fool with no respect for their sovereignty.ABC foiled. Indonesia finally sends warships our way – but to stop the boats (Andrew Bolt)

Indonesia’s military pretence a towering hypocrisy

20140126162632795534-620x349Jakarta has been largely indifferent to the systemic breaches of Australian waters by Indonesian boats, with Indonesian crews, from Indonesians ports. Its decision to militarise the ocean border with Australia over a minor breach is a triumph of jingoism and cynicism. It is no accident as Indonesia is in the midst of an election year …. (Paul Shehan)

The asylum seekers tampered with the engine and burned themselves in the process:

The story was never plausible. It was uncharacteristic of Australian culture and inconsistent with 100 years of Australian military history. In fact, the Australian sailors applied first aid to the asylum seekers’ blistered hands. By the time they boarded the boat the engine was already cold.   But you won’t hear that from “our” treacherous ABC tards.

We worship the creatures that devour us:

Senator Sam Dastyari, son of Iranian Revolutionary Guards


“Sam” is the son of people who helped the ayatollah Khomeini to power in Iran. After the Islamic revolution was successful, they arrived in Australia,  with the same mental baggage. Sam Dastyari wants a “big Australia”,  which means an Islamic Australia, which can be achieved with massive Islamic immigration.  Why do we give such people sanctuary? Who would allow such people to rule over us? 


Do we really want an Apartheid system?

Letting in the seeds of strife

Our immigration programs are predicated in part on the lazy assumption that the second generation will integrate, not radicalise. That needs rethinking before more people get hurt.

“Invasion Day” Rally

The crowd at Hobart’s “invasion day” rally gives me no confidence that its agenda really is reconciliation and unity.