ISLAM is the root of the conflict. Incitement is only part of the jihad against Israel

A very interesting exchange from the State Department briefing yesterday: (EoZ)
But, but… you thought they wanted nuclear power only for peaceful purposes? And remember all these fartwas about how unislamic it was to have nukes?
Caroline Glick:

The long-term cost of releasing terrorists

One of the reasons that most Israelis now recognize that the peace process is a hoax is that the PLO continues to signal that a “final” accord will not settle all Palestinian claims against Israel. The PLO intends to use a “Palestine” in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza to threaten and weaken Israel’s sovereignty in its remaining territory. The PLO’s demand that Israel free its own citizens from prison for acts of treason and murder is a clear indication that this is in fact the group’s long-term plan.
Kerry’s support for the PLO’s demands on terrorists shows Israel two things.
First, at a minimum, Kerry doesn’t have a problem with the Palestinian claim that Israel’s sovereign rights over non- Jews – and hence Israel’s right to sovereignty generally – is limited at best. Second, it shows that there are no concessions that Netanyahu can make to Kerry that will not have dire long-term consequences for Israel.
Walking away from the phony negotiations will be painful. But as Kerry’s demands indicate, the price for remaining at the table gets higher by the day.

Khaled Abu Toameh:

 U.S. Fiddles while Palestinians in Syria Starve

The plight of the Palestinian refugees in Syria serves as a reminder to all Palestinians that their Arab brothers do not care about their suffering. In several Arab countries, especially Lebanon, Palestinians continue to be treated as a “fifth column” and an “enemy from within.”
The Palestinians once again feel betrayed by their Arab brothers, who continue to pay lip service to the Palestinian cause while at the same time starving them to death, killing them and displacing them.
As for the international community, no one seems to be worried about the starving Palestinians in an Arab country. After all, this is not taking place in
Israel and no Israelis are involved.

Confidence Game: Losing American Support, the Gulf States Scramble

An increasing body of evidence has begun pointing to a major shift in American foreign policy in the Middle East. Over the course of the Obama Administration’s tenure, amid the turmoil of the Arab spring, the United States has shown itself unwilling to defend some of its traditional allies (such as the military in Egypt), or to stand by its own threats and red lines (such as punishing the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons); in many cases willing to cede significant influence to other outside powers (such as Russia); and to attempt to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran that is far more conciliatory to Iranian demands than had been the previous policy (such as allowing for uranium enrichment).

‘How Can You Make Peace With a Group That Venerates Hitler?’

The lionization of Nazism within Palestinian Authority-controlled areas has been long documented. In a recent interview a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) official in December was very clear about Arab support for the Nazis during World War II.
“How can the Left seriously contend that the Palestinians are ready to make peace? How can the US Administration?” continued Chetboun. “When the TV programming is irresistibly aimed at children and overwhelmingly projects a message of the disappearance of Israel and the Jewish People, why on earth are we continuing negotiations with the very institution that is poisoning their own children with vicious propaganda?”

1967 borders are “temporary,” real solution is end of Israel – PLO official

“We love Arafat… Israel poisoned him” – Boy’s anti-Israel hate speech broadcast on PA TV

Hamas PM allows Fatah members entrance to Gaza

Juan Cole remains a lying idiot

The lying, fifth rate academic Juan Cole is at it again, with a spectacularly stupid post called “Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State.”
This is a huge scandal. Why is it not frontpage news everywhere?