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Boats turned back. So who said it wouldn’t work?

As a result of the turn-backs and other policies:

AUSTRALIA has not recorded an asylum seeker boat arrival in five weeks – the first time in five years there has been such a quiet stretch without more people filling detention centres.

Curiously, though, Leftist commentators have never been so critical of border policies than now, when the boats are stopping and the drownings have ended.  Is that simply because the Left hates being proved wrong about a policy it agreed could never work?

You didn’t hear that from “our” ABC

Money-laundering ring funding Hizballah cracked by Australian police
Money-laundering ring funding Hizballah cracked by Australian police

January 23, 2014

“Eligo saw 105 people arrested on 190 separate charges and resulted in the closure of three major clandestine methamphetamine labs and Australia’s largest-ever urban hydroponic cannabis hothouse in Sydney last November.” Are the newly legal stoners in Colorado funding jihad as well? “Money-laundering ring funding Hezbollah cracked by Australian police,” from AFP, January 23 (thanks […]   Continue Reading »

The ‘Asshole of the Month’ is hard to find among stiff competition:

Take your Pick:

Bob Carr: 

The Herald Sun also quoted former foreign tourist minister and fervent Israel critic, Bob Carr, who said that for Ms Bishop to hesitate over the illegality questionwas to show an ignorance of international law”.


“Julie Bishop should speak to [UK Foreign Secretary] William Hague or to the foreign minister of any conservative government in Europe, who will simply repeat what is a commonplace and common sense opinion,” he said.

You see, this  professional tourist gets his opinions manufactured by  “William Hague or the foreign minister of any conservative government in Europe”, what does that tell you about Bob Carr?

Then there is Ben Cubby from the Sydney Moonbat Herald:

If Bob Carr is not enough asshole for you, try this anti-Semitic climate wanker who is obsessed with Andrew Bolt: Ben Cubby is the “environment editor”, now deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald:


Hypocrite alert: Sydney Morning Herald’s deputy editor opposes all abuse except his own

Not simply an entitlement whore. Do click on the link and read it.

Greg Hywood, head of Fairfax Media, on his plans for papers like his Sydney Morning Herald:

We need to invest in high-quality journalism.

But then he made Ben Cubby deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

 Cate Blanchett, climate denier:


Wealthy warmies all want to live near water:

Cate Blanchett and her husband, Sydney Theatre Company artistic director Andrew Upton, have spent nearly $2 million on a waterfront apartment in Elizabeth Bay.

Sources close to the sale said the purchase is an investment for their three sons, Dashiell, 12, Roman, 9, and Ignatius, 5 …

Cate’s purchase exposes her confidence that the ocean will not rise. Denier!  (Tim Blair)

Then there’s this:

Are we allowed to protest back by destroying the vandals’ homes?

Andrew Bolt


The Left, like the far Right, tends to licence the inner-totalitarian:

FAMOUS Melbourne landmark Cooks’ Cottage has been targeted by anti-Australia Day vandals.

Note also the foul language. What else might such people destroy and deface to get their way? Whatever such barbarians want is unlikely to suit the civilised.