Commie Millionaire Pete Seeger's History Buried (you won't get the truth from the ABC)

“My stand is supporting the boycott of Israeli products. I don’t know much about the artistic boycott taking place, but I understand the financial boycott.”— Pete Seeger, commie “activist”.

140128_wnn_pete_seeger_obit_16x9_992More annoying than Seeger’s dumb communism was his horrible music. Folk singers should be pinned to ant beds.–WHINE MINER,  by Tim Blair

Hussein Obama’s statement on Seeger’s death is “beyond pathetic”

Pete Seeger – folkie, communist, millionaire:

The man who sang at hobo camps, labor halls and at union rallies just couldn’t stop making money. An accidental entrepreneur and unwitting capitalist, Seeger was, despite his best efforts, the quintessential American success story.

Andrew Bolt has more on the despicable commie retard:

Pete Seeger dies. His history buried

Pete Seeger is dead, and the flowing tributes will tend to ignore his long and weaselly record of support for communism and Stalinists.

Seeger was a member of the Communist Party from the 1930s through the 1950s. He left the party but never gave up the faith. He told the Washington Post in 1995 “I am still a communist.” Like his comrades and fellow travelers Seeger twisted and turned with every pronouncement from Moscow. Seeger supported the Nazi-Soviet Pact, a curious position for a noted “anti-fascist.” In 1941 Seeger along with Guthrie was a member of the Almanac Singers, a communist folk group. The group put out the anti-war album Songs from John Doe, containing songs that labeled Franklin Roosevelt a war monger. One of the songs had the following lyrics:

Franklin D, listen to me,
You ain’t a-gonna send me ‘cross the sea.
You may say it’s for defense
That kinda talk ain’t got no sense.

Of course when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Seeger and the Almanac Singer’s literally changed their tune to get in lockstep with Stalin’s new foreign policy. They pulled Songs from John Doe from the market and quickly replaced it with the pro-war, pro-Roosevelt album Dear Mr. President:

Now, Mr. President
You’re commander-in-chief of our armed forces
The ships and the planes and the tanks and the horses
I guess you know best just where I can fight …
So what I want is you to give me a gun
So we can hurry up and get the job done!



Remember there is no ideology so murderous that your association with it will make you unacceptable as long as you are of use to the left.

Historian Ronald Radosh:

Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, Seeger called for peace, peaceful co-existence between the United States and the Soviet Union, singing songs like Put My Name Down, Brother, Where Do I Sign?—a ballad in favor of the Soviet Union’s phony international peace petition that favored unilateral disarmament by the West while leaving the Soviet atomic stockpile intact. He would sing and give his support to peace rallies and marches covertly sponsored by the Soviet Union and its Western front groups and dupes—while leaving his political criticism only for the United States and its defensive actions during the Cold War.


Scott Johnson is right. President Barack Obama’s statement on Seeger’s death is “beyond pathetic” and needs translation. Let me help: Obama claims Seeger believed “community” when he means “communism”. and wielded a “hammer” when he means “hammer and sickle”:

Once called “America’s tuning fork,” Pete Seeger believed deeply in the power of song. But more importantly, he believed in the power of community – to stand up for what’s right, speak out against what’s wrong, and move this country closer to the America he knew we could be. Over the years, Pete used his voice – and his hammer – to strike blows for worker’s rights and civil rights; world peace and environmental conservation. And he always invited us to sing along. For reminding us where we come from and showing us where we need to go, we will always be grateful to Pete Seeger. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Pete’s family and all those who loved him.

Seeger later made half-hearted apologies for being a propagandist of one of the deadliest totalitarian regimes in history, But, still, he was a fair singer:

(Via Instapundit.)

No mention of communism in the obituary on the ABC’s website:

Seeger sang for the labour movement in the 1940s and 1950s, for civil rights marches and anti-Vietnam War rallies in the 1960s. He also intoned for environmental and anti-war causes in the 1970s and beyond.


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  1. @Anonymous,

    What was so disgusting? Write what? Elaboration please. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that Seeger was a Communist hypocrite that’s your problem for being such a coward.

  2. I dont think it was unrealistic for pete Seeger to be a supporter of big government given the fact that the hudson river was a flooded landfill during his youth.
    about the fact that pete Seeger made money is merely a testamite to the fact that he lived in a fucking house and was a citizen in a capital society.


  3. @Anonymous,

    I dare. And I will write it again.

    Pete Seger was a DISGUSTING COMMUNIST hypocrite!

    And thank you. Thank you, for illustrating exactly how and in what manner Red Pete was a phoney, double talking hypocrite.

    You said, “fact that pete Seeger made money is merely a testamite to the fact that he lived in a fucking house and was a citizen in a capital society.”

    Like most hypocrites, they are completely comfortable biting the hand that feeds them and like you, tend to be blind to their own shallow duplicity.

    Since you appear rather muddled, Let me share with you the definitions of a ‘Hypocrite’.


    1.) a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    2. ) a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements. (via:

    I particularly like, definition 2, I think it suits our Red Pete.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Round three?

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    I am enjoying this one way too much to have it go missing.


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