Police keeps 'Sydney Father's' holiday destination secret

A Sydney father has been charged by police over the alleged genital mutilation of his infant daughter while they were holidaying overseas…

Police would not say which country the family was holidaying in at the time of the alleged incident.

Are police worried we might jump to some right conclusions?  What’s the big secret? (Andrew Bolt)

In other news:

Initially, Mehmet Biber’s Facebook posts were like any young Australian his age.

The typical Australian ”global jihadist” is young, unmarried, socially marginalised and economically disadvantaged, said the University of Western Sydney’s Dr Jan Ali, who is researching the radicalisation of Muslim youth.

”They don’t consider themselves restricted to a particular country; they see themselves as part of the global ummah [Islamic nation],” he said. ”Islam brings them together, not Syria.”

There you go. If a Muslim says it who gets paid for his ‘research’ with infidel dollars, its ‘science’. If we unpaid racist-bigot-islamophobes say it it is hate speech.