Sydney: Sergio Redegalli attacked by 4 Lebanese Muslim thugs; promptly paints new mural….


Sergio, pictured here with Geert Wilders:


Yesterday afternoon Sergio Redegalli called to inform me that he had been attacked by a bunch of Lebanese thugs, who took offence at his pickup truck.

Earlier today we received this message from our dear friend and fellow counter-jihadist Sergio Redegalli:

Please find attached the latest Mural finished today.

Sergio's Petri Dish

This Mural is dedicated to the 4 Muslim men that took offence with the “say no to Burqas” signs on my car.

These men (suspected Lebanese)  proceeded to become actively abusive, they had no issues with becoming threatening and violent, in the end the Police were called and one of the 4 thugs were arrested, not before he had a good go at trying to strangle me. One comment I did make to him was that he should use hand cream more often (do don’t think he got the joke).

These people are just not part of the Australia that I love or grew up in, these Neanderthals comment about how great their culture is, their homeland, their rules.

Why they are in Australia???  One problem is that some of these thugs are actually born here, and they have no respect for our Laws or freedoms or any understanding about freedom of expression.

Let’s see what our courts do with this fool, will he play the victim card? Just for the record he asked the Police for a translator, strange how he can be abusive in English when he needs to.

Going back to the work site in a few hours, my client is placing someone with me at all time to protect my back, how stupid we are allowing this to happen in Australia.

(Italics are mine)

19 thoughts on “Sydney: Sergio Redegalli attacked by 4 Lebanese Muslim thugs; promptly paints new mural….”

  1. Some ideas for sign content ….

    • Deport ALL (including the dead) (Parasitic) muslims.
    • No (Parasitic) muslims (alive/dead) allowed to exist in Australia.
    • Live (Parasitic) muslims to exist (maybe) only in the Sands of the Arabian Peninsular.

    DEPORT – the to be – ACTIONED WORD!

    WHY ????
    Does anybody want more of the Sydney/Hyde Park (Parasitic) muslim RIOTS – NO.

  2. Can the identity of the muslim be posted onto public forums after its court proceeding are completed.

  3. What are the odds the perp turns out to be on a disability pension with ‘learning difficulties’ and a hereditary condition?

    which is of course code for, “his parents are related”.

  4. Sergio,

    My admiration and congratulations to you for the courageous and untiring fight you wage in this war.

    Keep up the good work, and/but stay safe.

    Stay fit,
    Your friend among thousands,

  5. Well done again, Sergio. Keep up the good fight, lots of ordinary folk are with you. Deport the scumbags a.s.a.p. Any of these scumbags who go to Syria or elsewhere to wage jihad should NOT be allowed back in. Cancel their passports AND their citizenship if necessary.

  6. We cannot blame people for taking advantage of what is offered them.

    BLAME ?
    The so called ” CARE TAKERS OF OUR NATION” !!!!

    When can we expect those voted to protect and preserve our nation and culture, to do so ?

  7. The reason I dont call Sergio a “hero” is that it might sound too corny, but we can certainly call him a very very very brave man without being accused of hyperbole (or as Julia Gillard called it “Hyperbowl”). If you are interested in magnificent art, buy one of his wonderful pieces – and no I am not his mother nor his sister nor an agent;)

  8. I am utterly disgusted by this man and the people who think this rate mongers actions are ok. Never would I suggest that what these men did was ok but how ignorant does a person have to be to assume that the actions of an unfortunate some represent the actions of millions of people. Shame to those who consider themselves ‘Australian’ yet they have no concept of mateship or the Australian way. I see that wall every day and I am not surprised this man was beaten. Again I don’t condone the violence but I certainly don’t condone the racism. Horrid!

  9. well done to this man for standing up for not only himself, freedom of speach and the Australian way of life….

  10. To “Disgusted”
    Point One – Islam is NOT a race. Many races include Muslims.
    Point Two – You really should acquaint yourself with major world news items. You see, it is not the “actions of an unfortunate some” because when when the percentage of Muslims in a community increases sufficiently this curious urge to wage war, yes war on the infidels becomes horribly apparent. If you would examine the Islamic principles, you would see that it is impossible for a ‘good Muslim’ to be a ‘good Australian’. By the way, and for the record I don’t hate Muslims, but I DO hate, and fear ISLAM. All the best, mate.

  11. Good work Sergio, I respect your courage and conviction. Having lived in muslim countries I am astounded how eager australians are to give away their freedoms for the sake of being ‘nice’. Funny to see that lesbian sticking up for burqas (but calling them jilbabs) on Insight tonight. The feminists are so confused, yet sheeplike. Be careful. I think maybe people are starting to wake up but muslims fresh from lebanon think guns are normal. So weird The Left has become such a bunch of whinging weirdos.
    Take care, jm

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