The ABC is out of control.

Disgrace. ABC reports more “mistreatment”, when it actually found evidence our navy is innocent

Boby wouldn’t lie to you:

Somali “asylum seeker” Boby Nooris claims he was sprayed in the eyes during a boat interception in early January.


The ABC makes another exaggerated claim of “mistreatment” of asylum seekers that actually discredits its first:

New details have emerged about asylum seeker claims that Australian sailors mistreated them during a boat interception operation earlier this month.

A Somali asylum seeker has told the ABC that there were angry protests when people found out the boat was being turned around and they were being returned to Indonesia.

He alleges that during the onboard argument he suffered burns when he came into contact with a hot engine after an Australian sailor sprayed him in the eyes. (Read more by Andrew Bolt)

Islamisation Delayed 

No boats and no drownings for six weeks. Greens and Labor demand answers

Labor should explain why it scrapped what had worked under the Howard Government and never managed to do what the Abbott Government has done again: 

[Immigration Minister Scott] Morrison said the interception of illegal boats was one of a series of measures in the past four months that resulted in the first boat-free January since 2008 and the first full calendar month without an illegal boat arrival since February 2009…

“The results have been dramatic. In the last 58 months, there have been illegal boat arrivals but on the 59th, it’s zero. Since December 19, over six weeks ago, not a single boat has successfully made it to Australia.

You would think the Greens and Labor, who presided over weaker laws which lured more than 1000 boat people to their deaths, would be utterly mortified. Ditto the media outlets which for so longed cheered on their ghastly failure.

But no. Notice that Morrison still has to “defend” what is in fact so far a great achievement:

In a surprise move – and an attempt to tackle head on charges of excessive secrecy – Mr Morrison will appear at a Labor/Greens-dominated Senate inquiry in Canberra today to defend the government’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

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  1. Boby already knows how to scam the system to establish himself in the land of the infidels. He should get a big payout and then buy a house putting an Australian family into the street. He should also be given the job of an Australian.

  2. There is one slight flaw, to this story. We know that today, even the most poorest asylum seeker has a phone that has video and cameras imbedded in them and yet, no such multiple assaults and attacks were filmed whilst so many people were allegedly being harmed by the sailors?

    How convenient.

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