"The only witnesses are the asylum seekers…"

Burned hand asylum fraud:

The video with the burned hands is at least 2 weeks older than the incident. Now that our crusty ABC ‘s lies are exposed, they chose to ignore the whole thing as if they never engaged in treason and deceit.

“People who get on boats have an incentive … in running stories to try and discredit and undermine the strong border protection policies that we’re running in Australia.– Immigration Minister Scott Morrison

Abdullah Ahmed from Eritrea was allegedly kicked on the left thigh, and Bashka Ibrahim Nooris and Ahmed Ali Noor, from Somalia, said they had been made to put their hands on the boat’s muffler, which was hot.

These Somali Muslims have a choice of 56 Muslim countries that are religiously obliged to give them asylum. Can you give me one reason why Australia should provide for them?

burns-hand-asylum-main-620x349“Burned Hand” Asylum Fraudsters

Despite video footage of the asylum seekers showing their burns, Mr Morrison said the claims were “unfounded, unsubstantiated, outrageous allegations against our navy and our customs and border protection service”.

ABC backs off its “evidence” of navy torturers

After more than a week of relentless, unhinged BS propaganda from “our” ABC the truth is finally seeping through: the African freeloaders who were shipped back to Indonesia have been lying. The Australian Navy did nothing to harm them, we just made it clear that we have enough  people helping themselves to our welfare system. The left  threw a collective tantrum. Shameless creeps they are, it would never occur to them to apologise.

Andrew Bolt

Reader Wade notes a backing off:

There were two points of “evidence” the ABC used to push the torture story on day one which have both been watered down by day three.

1 – Video of asylum seekers’ injuries which it said ”appears to back” their claims.2 – Indonesian police, who it quoted as confirming the asylum seekers’ story.

Lo and behold, in today’s reporting:

1 – In respect to the video footage, they’re backing away:

Footage obtained by ABC News shows asylum seekers with severe burns to their hands, but it is impossible to verify how they received them.”

2 – As for Indonesian police corroboration:

Indonesian police say so far the only witnesses are the asylum seekers.

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  1. The proof – not that it was needed – for the Requirement.

    The Requirement ….
    • No Islam muslim to exist in Australia
    • No Islam muslim (Assister/Enabler) to exist in Australia
    • No Mosque left standing.

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