The Shitties of Iraq call on kafirs to fight their war against sunni Muslims

Fuad Ajami about “our failure  to come to the support of the Syrian rebellion”

Obama and the Sunni-Shiite War

The U.S. tilt to Iran is upsetting allies and disrupting the Middle East.

The weight of Islam is in the Sunni states. If we opt for an alliance with Iran and its satraps, we should do so in the full knowledge that our choice places us as odds with the vast majority of the Islamic world. Already, our failure to come to the support of the Syrian rebellion has eroded so much of our standing among Muslim Sunnis, in the Arab world and beyond. Five years ago in Cairo, a citadel of Sunni Islam, Mr. Obama called for a new policy of engagement with the Islamic world. That seems more like light years away.  (By  FOUAD AJAMI)

In Iraq, Sunnis Still Don’t Agree With The Transfer Of Power To The Shia

Iraq’s prime minister has called for international help in his fight against armed Sunni groups amid continued violence in his country.

Nouri al-Maliki, who leads a Shia-dominated government, gave warning of a long fight ahead as 86 people died in a series of attacks in Baghdad. Baquba and Mosul on Wednesday.

In his weekly televised address, Maliki appealed for international action against al-Qaeda and its affiliate, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

“It may take time,” he said “but … to keep silent means there would be sub-states creating problems for the security of the region and the world.”

Maliki called for “a strong position against countries who give support” to armed groups and urged world powers to “drain the resources of terrorists”.

ISIL fighters and their local allies in the western Anbar province hold the town of Fallujah and parts of the provincial capital, Ramadi.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, and other diplomats have urged Iraq’s leaders to seek political reconciliation to end the ongoing violence and the crisis in Anbar.

However, Maliki has ruled out talking to the fighters and has used his military against them.

Iraqi PM calls for world’s help amid violence

Maliki sees long fight ahead as attacks in Baghdad Baquba and Mosul kill 86 and fighting continues in Anbar province.

Iraq: Islamic jihadists murder at least 46 people in bombings as they advance in Anbar province

Anbar-Iraq.jpg“Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has ruled out negotiations with militants.” Why? Obama does it, why can’t he? Al Qaeda On the Ropes Update: “Scores killed in bombings as Islamists advance in Anbar province,” from France 24, January 15: (JW)

A wave of bomb attacks in Iraq, including a series of coordinated car bombings in Baghdad, killed at least 46 people on Wednesday as Islamist militants took more territory from Iraqi security forces in Anbar province.Authorities are grappling with Iraq’s worst period of unrest since the country emerged from a sectarian war that killed tens of thousands, just months before landmark parliamentary elections.

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