Tragedy prevented, drowning prevented, Leftoids go apeshit

 Leftists are angrier about imagined dead boat people under Abbott than they were about real dead boat people under Labor.

Hanson-Young is now dismayed the Australian naval personnel may be responsible for saving lives at sea.

In the Jakarta Post the illegal immigrants are a non event and little Marty has been removed from any position of power in the matter.

Sarah Hanson-Young furious that boat people safely returned

Greens child-Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in 2011 when another 200 boat people are lured to their deaths by Labor policies:

Pressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said: “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

Greens child-Senator Sarah Hanson-Young today after learning our navy accidentally entered Indonesian waters in safely returning dozens of boat people to Indonesia in line with Liberal policies:


Speaking to “our” ABC after Indonesian authorities reported at least two illegal people smuggler boats had returned to Indonesia (there have been more), the pointless South Australian said the people-smuggler passengers ”could have drowned”.

The minister is begging for forgiveness while carrying on with a policy that was always going to lead to this type of disaster.

Again, the monstrous self-absorption of the Left. So indifferent when their policies cost lives, so angry when policies they oppose save lives.

It really is just about them. That is why intentions for the Left count for more than consequences. Slogans above gulags.


The Age is also outraged on Indonesia’s behalf.

Strangely, this same paper now so angry that we crossed into Indonesian waters to safely turn boat people back to Indonesia seemed unfussed when Labor instead lured hundreds to their deaths:

If the Government has blood on its hands for persisting in policies that have lured so many to their deaths – more than 200 now in at least 10 known disasters since 2008 – what of the journalists who backed them?

In their guilty rage they have lashed out at me. But, far worse, they have shielded Gillard.

Barely one has held the Prime Minister to account for those policies. Too soon, they cry.

Yet it’s not too soon for journalists such as David Marr to blame the navy, or a Dennis Atkins to blame the meanness of the Australian mob, or a Heather Ewart to wonder if the Christmas Islanders could have done more.

But Gillard is spared almost all such blame and questioning. It is sick…

The Age’s Michelle Grattan on Saturday accused me of “not a little distasteful triumphalism about prior warnings”, but I don’t know how else to prove the Government was warned its policies were costing lives than by quoting earlier warnings, and I also don’t know which other journalist issued warnings I could quote.

If Grattan had said before last week the Government was luring men, women and children on to sinking boats, I’d have gladly quoted her instead.

But she never did. Not once did she speak, as the tally of known deaths jumped from five, to 14, to 25, to 42 and then, even before last week’s tragedy, to as many as 170 or even more.

Final toll? Perhaps 2000 or even more. And the journalists who said nothing to stop the drownings are now outraged that Tony Abbott has taken the steps to stop them.


Maybe Hanson-Young is just cross at being proved so wrong – again. What she claimed before the election:

Punishing asylum seekers by turning boats around – or sending people to Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Nauru, anywhere but here - will not deter desperate people from making dangerous journeys by boat. It never has and it never will.

Actually, such policies did work under John Howard and are working again under Tony Abbott:

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison … says the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat in Australia has fallen 80 per cent since Operation Sovereign Borders began four months ago.

He said trend is supported by a decrease in the arrival of asylum seekers in Indonesia as well.

“The number of persons newly presenting to the UNHCR in Jakarta for registration per month has fallen from 1,608 in September to just 296 in December,” he said.

Hanson-Young should simply say sorry. She has been demonstrably and fatally wrong. How many people have drowned as a consequence?

Attacking Abbott for not killing boat people

Andrew Bolt

Leftist journalists cheered when Labor in 2008 scrapped our tough border laws:

The Age crooned that “yesterday a stain was removed from the soul of this nation” and “Australia began the process of restoring some of its lost humanity”.

The Australian’s Mike Steketee added “Australia at least has a policy it can justify in terms of basic humanity”.

The Age’s immigration reporter said the new policy” more closely reflects the values of Australian society”.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Adele Horin cried “a shameful era is over in Australian politics”.

The Left kept backing Labor’s ”more compassionate” approach even when it predictably lured more than a thousand people to their death. In fact, many in the Left ignored the reality.  Somecriticised conservatives who repeatedly warned the drownings were inevitable while the laws were so soft. The Left seemed almost unmoved by the deaths caused by its “compassion”:


Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young yesterday stood by her party’s policies. Pressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said: “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

By Labor’s end, Fairfax reporters hardly bothered even reporting the latest drownings.

But now?

Under the Abbott Government’s “tough” laws the drownings have virtually stopped because the boats have largely stopped. We have not had one boat arrive in nearly four weeks.

That lack of corpses seems to disappoint some in the Left. Some who never blamed Labor for the real deaths it caused have now resorted to attacking Tony Abbott for deaths they lavishly imagine:

The Guardian’s Van Badham gets on a Twitter war footing against Tony Abbott, Tuesday:

IF Abbott wants a “war-footing” against refugees, his actions demand an internal resistance. We must be that resistance. Enough of this.

She creates her own #tag writeyourowninevitablemaritimeincident and sets the ball rolling:

THE navy fire warning shots at a smuggler vessel, accidentally shoot a pregnant refugee.


THE navy fire warning shots at a smuggler vessel, sink ship, everyone drowns.


BOAT load of refugees commit suicide rather than be forced back to countries of origin.

Badham, of course, may simply be angry that Abbott proved her wrong when she brainlessly claimed last year:

deterrent policies are completely ineffectual

But it is striking that such Leftists are angrier about imagined dead boat people under Abbott than they were about real dead boat people under Labor.

More evidence that their “compassion” is phony. It really is all about them, and the dead boat people – in the sea or in their minds – are mere props for their plays, in which they always cast themselves as the hero.


Badham, of the Guardian, is also angry about imagined ”warning shots” allegedly fired by our navy over one boat – a false claim peddled by Fairfax.

More extraordinary is that she even fancies that those imagined warning shots were aimed not above one boat but were actually fired at several of them:



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