UK: Nazis & Islamic Headbangers Welcome, Spencer & Geller "Not Conducive to the Public Good"

Nazis & Muslims Share Quite a Bit of History 

UK government reveals its anti-Semitism

(Robert Spencer)


It is now essentially conclusive that Pamela Geller and I were banned from Britain because we support Israel and oppose jihad terror. This shows how powerful anti-Semitic Leftist and Islamic supremacist groups are in the UK today: they have succeeded in getting the British government to adopt their hatred.–  Two Nazis visit UK, Spencer and Geller still banned for being pro-Israel


(Pamela Geller)

The Home Secretary Theresa May failed to ban the Nazi leader, Gábor Vona, from the UK. He arrived on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, when his party and its politicians openly express repulsive antisemitic views. Despite calls to bar entry, the Home Secretary welcomed him to speak in Britain. Apparently, Home Secretary Theresa May thinks Nazi leaders are “conducive to the public good” but pro-Israel voices are banned.

The Jobbik party loves Islam and hates Israel, so they cannot be banned.

UK looks at taking refugees from Syria

The Foreign Secretary says there is a case to help the most vulnerable (Muslims) as pressure grows for Britain to provide a safe haven.  Madness, Unless Only Syrian Christians Are Taken.


“We started it because we were getting emails from people from Pakistan who were saying: ‘We’re being persecuted. Mobs are pursuing us,’” Shoebat said.

Submission to Mohammedan Shenanigans

Judge warns jury of “wrongful prejudice” over defendant’s Muslim face veil

Free expression of faith ruling upheld as court told defendant Rebekah Dawson can wear niqab until giving evidence–Press Association story carried by the Guardian

Al Jizz Grievance Theatre

For Imran Awan, the writer of this (s)hit piece, a hate crime is committed when documentaries show some  Imams agreeing to perform underage marriages, and some Imams in Britain directly contributing to “a culture of hostility against white British women”.

Muslims, especially their clerics,  are not victims: they are the perps. They are hardcore criminals in the service of the largest crime syndicate the world has ever known.  And yet they play victimhood theatre like world champions:

The attack on the Imam from Hull is a wakeup call for us all.  (From ‘radical clerics’ to victims of hate)



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