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Presidential Material? 


Oz Tarts Welcome Hanoi Jane 

723d546197f162eb7427773370b43953It seems Jane Fonda, the actress known as “Hanoi Jane” for her treasonous actions during the Vietnam War, has a big fan in the White House. On Monday,Newsbusters‘ Tim Graham reported that Michelle Obamaconsiders the 76-year-old actress something of a role model. Mooch thinks she is “Politically savvy”….. (“Only a die-hard liberal thinks Jane Fonda is anything less than a traitorous scumbag,”)  In addition to her anti-war activity, Fonda has called for taking Rush Limbaugh off the air, and celebrated the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement that was endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party USA, Hezbollah, David Duke and a number of Democrats, including President Obamaand DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Update: Michelle (Mooch) Obama Chooses Jane Fonda as Role Model


Ita Buttrose says what Australia needs to do to improve as outgoing Australian of the Year

Hollyweird Manufactures Christian Terrorists


Finally a Hollywood Movie Depicts a Terrorist Sleeper Cell in Dearborn… in a Russian Church

Russian Christian terrorists are apparently a major threat to America. If I didn’t know better, I would think that Hollywood had some kind of left-wing agenda.

Globull Worming Rubbish

Climate Chains: Scam Artists and Big, Big Money

Joe Dan Gorman manages to address the serious side of the increasingly preposterous global warming hoax without losing his sense of humor:

Thanks to Moonbattery

Warmist Who Got Ship Stuck in Ice Trying to Prove Ice was Melting Wins Global Warming Award

If you’ve already forgotten Chris Turney, he was the genius who not only got a ship so thoroughly stuck in ice that it took multiple icebreakers to try and stage a rescue leading to a forced helicopter evacuation.

And all that happened because Chris was trying to prove that the ice was melting.

Whatever it takes to shut you up:

13 Dems Propose Bill to Study Hate Speech on the Internet “Outside Zone of First Amendment Protection”

A dangerous First Amendment fishing expedition

“Ambassador” Caroline Kennedy Already Offending Japan

Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Tokyo, has intervened in the controversy over Japan’s annual dolphin hunts, denouncing them for their “inhumaneness”.

“Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing,” she wrote on Twitter on Friday. “USG [the US Government] opposes drive hunt fisheries.”

I wasn’t aware that the US government had a position on drive hunt fisheries. I also wasn’t aware that we had a national interest in telling Japan how to fish.  (By Daniel Greenfield)