Wall of Ignorance

To St James, Church of Hate:

I love the statement from St James “We oppose all forms of racism…”
Islam calls Arabs the best race and Jews the worst race.
Islam calls white people superior to black people.
Islam calls men superior to women.
Islam is then race racist, colour racist and gender racist.
So I suppose St James opposes Islam???????

Melanie Philipps  open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Justin Welby.

Dear Archbishop,

I read with interest your Christmas Day sermon, in which you said:

‘The Christian meaning of Christmas is unconditional love received, love overflowing into a frequently love-lost world.’

I wonder how you reconcile this with the fact that one of your churches, St James’s Piccadilly, chose Christmas to turn itself into a church of hate?

As I am sure you know only too well, this church spent eight months preparing its Christmas stunt, the erection of an 8 metre-tall, 30 metre-long replica of the Israeli ‘wall’ that it claims surrounds Bethlehem and imposes ‘desperate hardship’ on the town’s inhabitants.

St James Piccadilly apartheid wall

Although the church acknowledges in passing that the original purpose of this ‘wall’ was ‘to protect Israeli citizens from terrorism’, it suggests instead that its only result has been to oppress and harass innocent Palestinians. The inevitable effect of this wholly mendacious and malevolent travesty will be to incite hatred against Israel and all who support its defence against the war of extermination being perpetrated against it.

St James’s has put out a pious statement that it

‘… opposes all forms of racism including antisemitism and supports the right of the State of Israel to exist with secure internationally recognised borders’.

I’m afraid this really is the most nauseating cant.

Here’s an updated wall thanks to Rita:


If this church were really concerned to stop antisemitism and allow Israel to live in peace with its neighbours, it would have acknowledged that Palestinian children are being routinely taught to hate and murder Israelis (see this or this for example).

If this church really supported Israel’s right to exist within secure borders, it would have acknowledged the refusal by Mahmoud Abbas (leave aside Hamas) ever to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state; or the repeated Palestinian attempts to attack and murder Israelis, too many of which have been all too successful.

But the church made no mention of any of this. Instead, its ‘wall’ stunt is based on an eye-watering collection of the most vicious and blatant lies and distortions. Here are some truths it has omitted:

·      The ‘wall’ does not surround Bethlehem.

·      For most of its length it is not a wall at all but a simple chain link fence.

·      It has been constructed not to oppress Palestinians but solely to prevent Israelis from being murdered by Arabs.

·      This security barrier has had to be built as a wall alongside one area of Bethlehem because a fence here – cheek by jowl with Jerusalem ­– would be insufficient to prevent the very real threat of some of its inhabitants murdering large numbers of Israelis.

·      The undoubted hardships caused by this barrier are solely the result of the ever-continuing attempts by some of those living behind it to murder yet more Israelis.

·      Since this security barrier was constructed, the number of Israelis murdered in terrorist attacks has decreased by some 70 per cent – while the number of attempted attacks remains high.

Those like St James’s Church who want the barrier to be demolished thus inescapably imply that they are indifferent to the murder of Israelis. Is this what you meant, Archbishop, by

‘unconditional love received, love overflowing into a frequently love-lost world’?

There are other glaring omissions and distortions. The church makes no mention of the fact that, as shown here, Rachel’s Tomb, one of Judaism’s holiest sites which is very near Bethlehem and where many attacks have taken place against Jewish worshippers, really has been walled off and turned into a kind of fortress – to protect Jews from further attacks by Arabs.

It unaccountably makes no mention of the fact that, while the Christians of the Middle East are – as you said in your sermon and as Michael Curtis details here – being persecuted and murdered, the only country in the region where Christians are thriving and increasing, in a society that allows them total freedom of worship, is Israel.

It unaccountably makes no mention of the fate of the Christians of Bethlehem and other areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, detailed here in The Commentator by Steve Apfel:

‘One of the few Arab Christians who has dared to break the silence is Pastor Reverend Naim Khoury of the Bethlehem Baptist Church. At the risk of his life he notes that animosity towards the Christian minority in areas controlled by the PA has worsened and that, “people are always telling Christians, convert to Islam.” Khoury may have lived to tell the tale, but he moved Palestinian leaders to close down his Bethlehem church.’

St James’s makes no mention of any of this. Instead, from tomorrow it will host a hate-fest of anti-Israel activists and personalities, whose contribution to the store of love and truth in the world is described by Richard Millett here.

Israel is currently the victim of a mind-bending campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation based on falsehoods, libels and gross distortions. Your church, Archbishop, has now become part of this sinister and wicked attempt to exterminate a country by reversing truth and lies in the minds of decent people.

You surely do not need me to tell you that this anti-Israel bigotry in your church – going far beyond St James’s, Piccadilly – is infused by a revival of the ancient Christian calumny that the Jews have forfeited God’s love and all the promises he made to them on account of their refusal to believe in Jesus, as a result of which they were to be considered in league with the devil.

This terrible doctrine of ‘supersessionism’, which was responsible for centuries of Christian persecution and mass murder of the Jews, has become resurgent in recent years through the influence of Palestinian Christians who have attempted to rewrite the Bible as a lexicon of hate to further the cause of Palestinianism. To that end, they have attempted to airbrush the Jews out of their own history, while seeking to appropriate the Christian story itself by depicting Palestinians as suffering the torments of Jesus. Cashing in on this trend, Mahmoud Abbas ludicrously referred in his own Christmas message to Jesus – the Jew from Judea ­– as a Palestinian.

The influence upon your Church, Archbishop, of this virulent cocktail of ancient theological bigotry and exterminatory Palestinianism cannot be exaggerated.

In a climate in which every Jewish communal or religious event, every Jewish school and institution in Britain has to be guarded against attack, and in which there is a direct correlation between the emotive lies told about Israel and attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions, for one of your churches to lend itself to such incitement is simply obscene.

The ‘wall’ is of course a stunt. But the damage it has done to the Church of England is immense. Because what it does is put the Church on the side of lies and hatred against truth and justice. It has put the Church of England on the side of evil.

The only purpose of Israel’s security barrier is to save life and prevent mass murder. The only purpose of the St James’s Church ‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’ stunt is to stir up hatred.

To stay silent is to make the rest of the Church an accessory to this obscenity. I therefore trust that you will take all necessary steps to counter the calumny promulgated by St James’s and prevent the stain upon the wider Church from now spreading.

Yours in hope,

Melanie Phillips


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Want more?

here is Archbishop Cranmer:

Melanie Philipps  should be grateful – as should we all – for the nice Rector Lucy Winkett and all at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, for highlighting this Christmas the appalling suffering of Palestinians behind Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’ (as that nice Mr Kennedy terms it). The suffering of Palestinian Christians is especially harrowing, and, but for Lucy Winkett’s ‘separation wall’, thousands would know nothing of their terrible plight.

Everyday life in Bethlehem and large parts of Judaea-Samaria is a daily siege. Palestinian protection rackets are rife, with $10,000s being extracted by Muslims from the dhimmi Christians, on pain of death and destruction of their property. The owner of the region’s only Christian bookstore was recently abducted and murdered; Christian shops and schools are regularly firebombed; zealous Muslims picket colleges to intimidate Christian students into reading and studying the Qur’an. Others place their prayer rugs provocatively in Manger Square to intimidate pilgrims with a mighty show of Islam. There are regular beatings of Christians, and Muslim gangs routinely seize Christian-owned land while the security forces just stand by and watch.

The Christian population of Bethlehem – one of the oldest in the world – is dwindling. In 1947, Christians accounted for 85 per cent of the population. By 1998, their number was around 40 per cent. Today, Christians make up less than 20 per cent of the town. Those that dare to remain risk being taken hostage – including priests and nuns. Bibles are destroyed, churches set on fire and their coffers emptied. The former mayor of Bethlehem Hanna Nasser said bluntly, “There is no future for Christians.”

But none of this is due to Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’: this is daily life for Christians under the Palestinian Authority.

The Western media usually ignore the plight of Christians under the PA: the focus is unrelentingly on the denunciation of Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’.

But Christians are fleeing from Bethlehem for their lives: it is an exodus of biblical proportions.

And we must thank God that Rector Lucy Winkett and St James’s Church, Piccadilly, have prophetically given the opportunity for His Grace to share with his readers that Palestinian Muslim terrorists have turned Bethlehem into a safe haven for suicide bombers. They desecrate Manger Square with their ‘Allahu Akbars’ and defile the Church of the Nativity with their murderous jihad against innocent Christians.

Certainly, we in the West must approach such matters with humility, for we are profoundly ignorant. But, for His Grace, it is not possible to be ‘neutral’ or pro any of this and still be Christian



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  1. There are no ‘Palestinian’ people or territories, never were, never will be: even that name, ‘Palestine’ was simply what the Roman Emperors Hadrian and Vespasian had unilaterally decided, all on their own, to re-name the land of Israel, previously aka Zion, to, on their own Roman maps.

    The term either originated in homage to their own, Greco-Roman battle-Goddess, PALAS Athena, or as a slight and hat-tip to the Jews’ own historical enemies, the Philistines, who them selves lived hundreds of miles North, near Antioch, in Philistia. It has nothing to do with the later displaced Egyptians currently occupying Gaza, nor the exiled Syrian Arabs from Jordan squatting on the other side of the country (neither group related to the other in any way, neither genetic, linguistic nor cultural)!

    There is no race called palestinians, no coinage, no history, no language, no archaeology, no artefacts, no ancient ruins, no culture … they are muslims from the war of 1967 when muslims tried to take over Israel.

    Here’s a good joke I like to tell the libertine criminals called liberals:

    “Hey, have you heard the one about the Romans who kicked the Jews out of Israel (aka Zion) and then for laughs re-named the place as “palestine” all on their own? And how over 500 years later, some Arabs from (…er, what’s the name of that place that Arabs are from again? Oyah: “Arabia!”) wandered by and stayed near the remaining Jews? Or how about the one where some Arabs from Syria, who were living in Jordan, crossed over to the west bank of the river Jordan and decided to squat down and occupy JUDEA – and then were exiled by their own government? Or the one about how a completely different people, the Egyptian Arabs, from Egypt, got displaced from their own home country (that’d be: “Egypt”) on the other side of Isreal, in the Isreali territory known as “Gaza”? And here’s the punchline: an Egyptian-born Arab named al-Husseini (who later changed his name to Arafat) decided – all on tape in a TV interview, mind you – to pretend that there might be such a place as ‘palestine’ but only so long as he could use his fiction to kick the Jews out of their own homes again – and believe it or not – most of the leftist cracktards in the world bought into this obvious lie! Can you believe it?! LOL!”


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