Was a Muslim scholar the first to discover America?

Yes of course!

Is there anything that was not discovered by Muslims?

Muslim Village makes the claim:
Was A Muslim Scholar The First To Discover America

By: Staff Writer

For centuries, the world has given Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus to be the man who discover the Americas (never mind the people who already lived there. The Indians were Muslims too, just like Australia’s Aboriginies. (sheik).  However, new research (?)  shows that Central Asian Muslim scholar Abu Raihan al-Biruni discovered the continent centuries before Columbus.  This theory was proposed in around 1037, by which point al-Biruni would have been 70 years old, and perhaps too old to travel it himself.

Writing in History Today, S. Frederick Starr says al-Biruni, born in what is modern-day Uzbekistan was the first person to officially suggest that a landmass exisited Europe and Asia. Al-Biruni’s expertise on geography and mapping led him to the conclude that Europe, Africa and Asia, only accounted for two-fifths of the world.

Starr writes that al-Biruni’s knowledge of both Middle-Eastern and Indian languages, as well as being trained in mathematics, astronomy, mineralogy, geography, cartography, geometry and trigonometry under great scholars like Ahmad al-Farghani, gave him deep insight into the sciences of various fields and civilizations. Al-Biruni also mapped the latitudinal and longitudinal locations of various cities in central Asia, India, the Middle-East and the Mediterranean.

Al-Biruni was one of the most important figures in developing Greek science. The work of al-Biruni’s teacher al-Farghani, is thought to be the basis for Columbus’s own explorations.  Al-Biruni also provided an estimation of the earth’s circumference, only off by 10.44 miles from modern measurements.

Source: http://illumemagazine.com/

7 thoughts on “Was a Muslim scholar the first to discover America?”

  1. If some muzzle’em supposedly discovered the New World, you can bet that it was a Joooo who ran the ship’s compass….

  2. RE:r al-Farghani, is thought to be the basis for Columbus’s own explorations

    Umm, scholastically speaking, thinking is NOT knowing.

    Where is the proof? Where is the alleged text that proves this fact and where is the archive? City and country where the archive can be found? If such text really existed, it would be infamous, especially during the Native American activism of the 60’s and 70’s in the states. The Left would have latched on to this theory and used it as a tool against white European imperialism for the last 50 years.

    Muslims say the most fantastical things. How are we to take this article seriously, when the writer incorrectly calls Columbus, an Italian a Spaniard.

    Keep on drinking that Camel urine kool-aide.

  3. No, this jerk did not discover America. The stupid musim community demonstrates on a daily basis that they are incapable of investigating a historical topic without pasting their appalling basis as a means to jusify their totally inaedequate contributions to humanity.

    You can flush these statements by “muslim village” down the toilet.

  4. Nor does explain that he merely used Greek science, I.e. Non Islamic know how to do some calculations. Big deal. I have a copy of a map that includes Antarctica before it was officially discovered and another that shows great chunks of South America 10 years after 1492.

    It just proves our lazy education systems and our lazy media, just keep quoting like a mantra, specific dates, but without establishing a context.

  5. exactly correct LenaN. Mulsim contrinuted little to mathematics that was original although they did bring some concepts (which they did not develop) to general use. But in terms of the key ground work muslijms accomplshed little of value.

  6. No.
    But he was the first who, after careful instruction, discovered America on a European map.

  7. I am sure those religious people have no time to discover anything because they are too busy islamising the world.

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