Work Accidents and Exploding Mosques

The Jews, the Jews:

Guardian writer blames Czech diplomat’s death on Israel

This took longer than I thought. But it didn’t come from an Arab journalist but from a freelancer who has written for The Guardian and The Telegraph

jamal The “mystery grew” with comments in Ramallah by Al Jamal’s daughter, Rana, 30, alleging that her father had been deliberately killed.

A Czech anti-terrorism official says that the Palestinian embassy in Prague may have been a transshipment point for arms. He is concerned that the weapons at the embassy may have been spread throughout the Schengen area.

When Mosques Implode

cedarseneca2-04The Baron from the Gates of Vienna launched an investigation into  the 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part IIA explosions that puzzles the local police in Minneapolis.

Here’s another ‘work accident’

Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean Muslims have a right to get public funding for terrorism and Jew-hatred

Need a better reason to  visit Israel?

Rolling Stones Really Coming to Israel this Time


The Story of Zombie Mohammed

There are Muslims in our police departments and on the bench, Obama has infiltrated them into the White House on many levels. Their allegiance is to Sharia and not to the Constitution. When they take the oath of office they lie (taqiya) just as our great leader Barry has done. Barry violates his oath of office on a daily basis- he is a pathological liar- a very twisted being. Is anyone in Pennsylvania doing anything to remove this Muslim from the bench?–One more time, just in case you missed it

Kahane was right

From the Asylum:

Here’s a new op-ed in Iran’s state-controlled PressTV by someone named Anisa Abd el Fattah (E0Z)

Space Cadet

 Can we please in 2014 talk more about what connects us? We are all Abrahamic monotheists. (No, we are not.)  We all want peace. (No, Muslims are obliged to make the world Islamic) We all want a fairer, kinder world. (Really?) We all want freedom to speak what’s in our hearts. (What are you doing about it?) Most importantly, we are all British. (Tim Stanley, the writer,  is not.) After all, we’re all in the same long, slow queue in M&S…

Dr Tim Stanley is a historian of the United States. He writes crap for the Telegraph.