35 years of Mohammedan savagery in Iran

Hamas bashes UNRWA’s human rights curriculum

Never thought I would agree with Hamas on anything. But here they are spot on: ‘Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and the Magna Carta are all alien to our culture,’ says education ministry spokesman

Mideast-Gaza-Segregat_Horo-635x357Pali children attend a class at the UNRWA elementary school in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, in April

Too easy: 

“Zionists trying to hide Canaanite-Palestinian civilization”

Its hard to hide what never existed. However, these crafty Zionists really know how to make whole “civilisations” disappear…..(lol!)

Iran wants to kill us all:

35 years already?
Hungary is on the ticket:
hungary iran
Thanks to the Elder of Ziyon

One thought on “35 years of Mohammedan savagery in Iran”

  1. Oh dear, Hungry!? I guess some lessons are never learned.

    You know you’re a loser when you choose every losing side in history.

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